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Ilsa:The Wicked Warden (1977) - Non Spanking Movie Review Monday


Ilsa: The Wicked Warden (1977) - The Ending

Ilsa: The Wicked Warden (1977) - All The Best Scenes In 12 Minute Montague

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I just heard about the below mentioned movie but cannot find anything about it on Internet Movie Database. If you have it, please tell me where you bought it. ?????

Ilsa Meets Bruce Lee In The Devils Triangle --- Review


Ilsa, now a vicious warden, runs a mental-hospital for young women. A girl deliberately "checks" in to the hospital to find out what has happened to her sister who stayed there. Meanwhile Ilsa and one of the guards are forcing the inmates to have sex with male prisoners, filming them and selling it as porno flicks


Buy DVD - Remember the longer it is the more uncut it will be.

Isla: The Wicked Warden (1977)
is a Canadian production filmed in Switzerland and set in South America, with an international cast that includes Dyanne Thorne, Tania Busselier, Angela Ritschard, Sandra L. Brennan, Lina Romay, Howard Maurer, Peggy Markoff, and Jesus Franco himself, as Dr. Arkos.

Jess Franco, or to use his full name, Jesús Franco Manero, is one of Europe's foremost B-grade directors, and one of the world's most prolific, with a staggering 180 plus feature films made since 1959 under his own name or one of his many pseudonyms. Condemned (along with Luis Buñuel) by the Catholic Church of the 1970s as the world's "most dangerous filmmaker", Franco made exploitative nudity, grotesque horror and Sadistic nastiness his stock in trade, and so it was inevitable that he would collaborate with actress Dyanne Thorne, whose notorious series of Ilsa films featured all these motifs in abundance.

As far as politically incorrect movies are concerned, this one (and the entire "series", for that matter) must rank as one of the most incorrect ever. Not a recommendation for all movie viewers, that's for sure. To read a number of fan stories that are about Ilsa, please go to My Spanking Stories and read about her further exploits. Hit on: My Spanking Stories web page and click on the blinking red dot that is beside: ILSA: She Wolf/Harem Keeper Stories - Stories that deal with ILSA from the two movies Ilsa: She Wolf Of The SS and Ilsa: Harem Keeper of The Oil Sheiks.

Young girls ... Chained ... Condemned to a life of torment at the hands of their beautiful, brutal captor ... Subjected to every known humiliation know to man, or Ilsa.

Technically since it isn't a prison of any kind, but a hospital for the criminally insane, she isn't a warden. She'd be more of a head superintendent. But warden sounds better in the title than head superintendent.

Uses same sets as Frauengefängnis (1975).

Strange, depraved vision of Jess Franco's concerning Ilsa, that wicked, blouse-popping sadist of the famous/infamous series starring statuesque/bosom Dyanne Thorne. There are many scenes which are downright disgusting such as: one dealing with the use of a plastic bag, another with pins and a human pin cushion, shock therapy, a night with the boys from the local prison, and the grand finale where Ilsa/Greta (Thorne) is out to lunch with the girls. She is literally eaten alive by the inmates.

Dyanne Thorne said in a number of interviews that Jess Franco left the camera running when she was taking her bath in this movie. There is out there somewhere footage of her getting out of the bath tub, with full frontal and back nudity. If anyone has it, please put it up on YouTube for those interested in Miss Dyanne Thorne to see.

Although I wouldn't say that ILSA is exactly a good film, I was still quite surprised by how it managed to hold my interest throughout. Not that it made particularly inspired use of the various subtexts suggested in the script (the snuff movie angle, for instance, is not dealt with in any depth) – apart from its over-the-top, and undeniably horrific, conclusion – but it was certainly above-average for an Erwin C. Dietrich

I would have added a number of scenes which showed more punishments, which the aficionado of BDSM would like. Spankings, floggings, shower scenes, cat fight with a punishment ending it, Ilsa getting beaten to death in the end (See My Scenario At Bottom Of This Page For This.)

There was in plans a fourth official film under the title "Ilsa Meets Bruce Lee in the Devil's Triangle", unfortunately it never got made. Google it and read about this non existing movie. ?????


You can also substitute Ilsa or Greta where ever the either name appears in any title.
production with adequate scenery, an evocative if repetitive score and competent performances.

  • Greta - Haus Ohne Männer - Original Title
  • Greta The Torturer Europe - Informal Alternative English Title
  • Greta, Huis Zonder Mannen - Netherlands Literal Title
  • Greta, La Tortionnaire - Belgium Informal Short French Title
  • Greta, La Tortionnaire De Wrede - France Complete Title
  • Greta, The Mad Butcher - Europe - Informal English Title
  • Greta, The Sadist Europe - Informal Alternative English Title
  • Ilsa - Ultime Perversion - France Video Title
  • Ilsa La Tortionnaire - Canada - Reissue French Title
  • Pénitencier Des Femmes Perverses, Le - France Dubbed Version
  • Sadistria Tou Stratopedou, I - Greece

My Scenario:

This is a different ending to the movie than Jess Franco and Erwin C. Dietrich, who co wrote Ilsa: The Wicked Warden (1977) with Franco imagined. But my perverted spanko mind came up with this ending.

As the totally insane Abbie Phillips is taken out of the asylum by two of police officers, escorted by her personal doctor, Ilsa looks down from her window. She hears something behind her. She turns around and it is a large group of the other inmates. Lead by number 43, Juana. "What do you lot want. Get back to your rooms or I'll have the lot of you flogged."

Juana points to Ilsa. Grab her and take her down to the punishment rooms. Three of the larger women grab Ilsa and off the group goes down the hall and down into the basement where the punishment rooms are. Ilsa screams as she is dragged off. "Get your hands off me. You'll pay for this. Believe me you'll pay for this indignity."

Once in the punishment rooms, Ilsa is taken into one of the larger cells. Juana points to a punishment bench in the center of the room. The bench is nothing more than a wrist/head and ankle stocks. The three women put Ilsa into this stock. "Let me go, I'll have your hides skinned for this. Help! Help! Help!."

Ilsa screams for help, but none of her staff comes. They have all fled. The police might be arresting them and they do not want to be anywhere near the asylum when the police get there. Only Ilsa, being so arrogant, stayed around. She didn't think that anyone could harm her.

But that doesn't stop her from screaming. "Help! Help! Heelp! Heeelp! Heeeelp! Heeeeeeeelp!"

Once Ilsa has been secured in the stocks, Juana pulls a knife that she had gotten from the kitchen, out of her waist. Ilsa sees the knife and her eyes get as big as saucers. "No wait. What are you going to do with that thing."

Juana puts the knife up to Ilsa's throat. "I know what they'd like to do to your hide. Skin it. But I've got a lot better plan."

She then cuts all of Ilsa's cloths off her. Every stitch. She drops the knife on the floor. Juana then goes over to the wall and takes down a razor strap off its hook. Ilsa sees the strap. "Noooooo."

She'd used it on every one of the women standing around her, at least once in their stay at the asylum. Juana goes over beside Ilsa. She raises the strap into the air and brings it down on Ilsa's backside.


As Juana beat Ilsa's backside, Ilsa screeched out in pain. The pain was more than Ilsa could stand. Even then, Juana didn't beat Ilsa as hard as Ilsa had beaten those she had under her thumb. But the pain was more than Ilsa could handle.


Ilsa's was losing her mind, the pain would shoot through her ass and down her legs. Ilsa peed herself. She wasn't thinking any more. Only screaming and crying as the razor strap made contact with her ass.


.............................. Each of the seven women was given a chance to beat Ilsa's ass. There was only seven left. As the others had run off in fear when Ilsa started to scream for help. They knew that if they were caught beating Ilsa they'd get worse than she was when Ilsa was let free. ..............................


Ilsa eventually passed out, this didn't stop her beating. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack.

Juana stopped the woman who was beating Ilsa. "Stop, she can't feel anything now. She’s passed out." Juana took the razor strap for the woman who had it and hung it back up on the wall. Juana ushered the woman out of the punishment room. "We'll be back later tonight when she's regained consciousness."

Out the group went. But in the corner there remained one woman. Juana hadn't seen her standing in the darkness. This woman went over and stood in front of Ilsa. She picked up the knife that Juana had dropped on the floor and put it next to Ilsa's throat. Slitting her throat from ear to ear. She then dropped the knife and scurried along to catch up to Juana and the other women.

Ilsa died there in the punishment rooms. The life gone from her cold dead body.


Nigel M said...


The Ilsa meets Bruce lee movie does not exist but a flyer was produced for it. The whole thing was a hoax. There were advertisements for the film (I believe in Variety) but it was never made.

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Isla : The Wicked Warden (1977)

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