Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Classic Photographs Wednesday - 16

Today I'm showing gire on girl action. ...

Karen and Margo are college room mates who are into disciplining each other when one of them brakes one of there rules.

If they break any of the dormitory rules than the room mates boyfriend gets to spank his girlsfriends room mate. It helps to force them to keep all the rules, or not in Margo's case.

Frances is waiting there for her man to fetch his razor strap, he intends to take her out to the wood shed and give her a dozen of the best.

Lrrie lost a bet with Yevone and has to let her spank her 10 times with her hand.

Vickie and Frances are spanking models and are getting paid very much for a man and his wife to photograph the two in BDSM psses.

Marge has gone to a prostitute to be spanked by her. She likes to be spanked but only by strangers.

She'd be humiliated if anyone ever found out about her love of pain.

Wendy caught her daughter and Wendy's boyfriend in bed together. The boyfriend was thrown out of the house bodily.

Paula gets spanked and is ground for life.

Diana catches Zelda breaking into her home. She gives her a choice, call the police or she must be spanked by Diana.

She picks the spanking of course, police are even worse. They may spank her as well, but they'd also send her to jail.

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Starman said...

The last 2 are how spankings should be. No tattoos or trainers but high-heels. And panty-hose and panties pulled down for a leg-kicking spanking