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Cinema Friday - Blood Sucking Freaks (1976)


Blood Sucking Freaks (1976) - Birching In Guillotine

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In this "comic" bloodbath, Master Sardu (Seamus O'Brien) kidnaps Natasha DeNatalie (Viju Krem), a prima ballerina, and Creasy Silo (Alan Dellay), a respected New York theatre critic, who has openly mocked Sardu's work in the past. Sardu tortures both of them in his theatre basement of horrors, until they agree to be part of his S & M ballet. The demented stage manager then proceeds to commit a series of horribly gruesome acts.

Meanwhile, Natasha's boyfriend and professional football player, Tom Maverick (Niles McMaster), suspects Sardu is involved in the kidnapping, and enlists the help of crooked Police Detective Sergeant John Tucci (Dan Fauci). Together, they venture into the depths of Sardu's dungeon searching for the truth.

A theater director and his assistant Ralphus (Luis De Jesus) torture naked women on stage. The audience thinks it's 'great special effects', but little do they know that it's all real! This sadomasochistic director has plans for these girls that he kidnaps other than using them for his performances. He fulfills his sick fantasies with them.



Written and Directed by Joel M. Reed, Bloodsucking Freaks (1976) was inspired by Reed's visit to an S & M Ballet in an underground Soho club. The film was shot in 10 days at night, in 1975, and produced on a shoe-string budget by Alan C. Margolin. The film, then known as The Incredible Torture Show (TITS) was later acquired and renamed by Troma, in 1980. On its initial theatrical release, the film caused a storm of controversy, especially the graphic depictions of violence toward women. This movie mirrors such modern classics as: Saw (2004), that's Saw I thru V and Hostel (2005) I and II, but thirty years before either of these series came out.

Blood Sucking Freaks (1976) was effectively banned (not rated by MPAA at all) in the U.S. following protest by Women Against Pornography. Troma had the film cut to gain an "R" rating, then shipped the unrated print to theaters telling them it was the R rated version. Eventually it was discovered when a woman complained the film upset her child. The question one must act is how sick is this woman for taking her child to the movie, even in the "R" rating. Eventually the MPAA sued Troma for improper use of the "R" logo.

According to director Joel M. Reed, the script was inspired by a real nude S&M ballet company and by the films Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1975) and Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976).

The director didn't want to make the movie at the beginning. He had another script he wanted to do, about a rock star haunted by a teenage girl groupie, and he was trying to get money to finance that picture.

Some directors use the torture methods that where in this movie in the snuff films, horror film, thriller and many other kinds of ruthless films and bloodcurdling movies they produce. But they were for the most part used in Bloodsucking Freaks first.

The slight plot is really just a clothesline, along which Reeds hangs any number of perverse fantasy. Sardu plays darts on a girl's ass, poker with body parts, invites friends over to perform the titular deed, naked cannibal women locked in the basement of Sardu's place. We all get to see a dentist sucking out the brain of a woman; also chopped legs, severed heads, cock sandwiches, electrocution via nipples, sadism, masochism.. It would all be shocking and nauseating if it weren't so poorly rendered and so adolescent. Where Bloodsucking Freaks really shows its colors is in its utter immaturity. Its shocks are the puerile drivel that inflames the minds of junior high school boys.

- Also Know As (AKA) -

  • Bloodsucking Freaks
  • Heritage Of Caligula
  • Heritage Of Caligula: An Orgy Of Sick Minds
  • House Of The Screaming Virgins, The
  • Incredible Torture Show, The
  • Sardu, Master Of The Screaming Virgins


  • Continuity: When Ralphus begins sawing the girl's hand off in the 'dismemberment' scene, the saw is to the inside of the shackle. When the camera view changes, the saw is to the outside of the shackle.
  • Continuity: When Sardu is done eating off the girls back, the plate of food is still full when he begins smoking. When he knocks the girl there is nothing on the plate.

My Scenario:

This story is a wholly made up story that is not in the movie Blood Sucking Freaks. It is just a story that I'd like to have seen in the movie.

Sardu walks out on the stage of the Incredible Torture Show. There sits his audience. A number of patrons, all interested in the amazing show that he's about to give them. All wanting a fine S & M show to enjoy and get excited in. Expecting only what he can give them.

He opens the curtains to reveal only a single chair. He goes over to it and sits down. Looking over to the side of the stage where his assistant has in hand one very large black woman. Or at least her breasts are large. The rest of her is normal. "
Ralphus, my good man. Bring her out for the audience to see."

Ralphus then pulls on a chain which goes up to a collar around her neck. Mary Jane is buck naked. Except for this collar around her neck and a restrain that goes around her waist. Her wrists are attached to the waist restraint. Just forward of her sides. She also has a ball gag in her mouth.

Ralphus pulls her across the stage. She walks, having no choice in the matter, as Ralphus simply pulls on the chain. The audience can see the sheer terror in her eyes. She is looking from Sardu to the audience, then back to Sardu, then the audience. Tears in her eyes, running down her cheeks.

She is standing beside the chair that Sardu is sitting in. "Over my knee Mary Jane."

She shakes her head no and looks to the audience. She gurgles something out of her mouth. Trying her damdest to speak and be understood by the audience. The audience cannot understand her, as the ball gag is restraining her speech. Ralphus swats her on her fat ass. Crack. "OOEEOOEEOOOW."

"Obey the master, unless you want another." Ralphus swats her again. Crack. "OOEEOOEEOOOW."

Sardu puts his hand up on her hip and runs it down her side. "Nice fat ass isn't it."

He looks out into the audience. "What do you want me to do to her hide."

From the audience come several suggestions. "Skin her tits, tan her ass, give her to us, us a bull whip on that hide of hers."

Sardu smiles he takes the chain around Mary Jane’s neck from Ralphus and pulls her over his knee. There she lay. Squirming over his knee. Trying her best to stand up. Sardu has put his left hand over her waist. To hold her down. He raises his right hand into the air and brings it down on her ass. Swat. "OOEEOOEEOOOW." Swat. "OOEEOOEEOOOW."

Each time Sardu's hand strikes Mary Jane's fat ass, the wobbly ass giggles. Mary Jane can only cry and screech out a garbled cry for help. The ball gag stops her from saying anything legible


With each swat of his hand on her ass, the audience cheers.


After the eighth swat on Mary Jane's ass, Sardu flexes his hand several times. The palm of his hand is read, almost as red as Mary Jane's backside He asks the audience. Perhaps I should not have used my hand on that fat wobbly ass of hers."

Art this the audience throws up a number of instruments to help Sardu tan her ass with. Sardu looks around on the stage floor, He sees a leather strap, hairbrush, riding crop, birch, rough wooden paddle. There are three other implements that Sardu doesn't know what they are. He looks to Ralphus. "Ralphus my good man, fetch me that wooden paddle."

Ralphus runs over and picks it up. He points it at one of the better looking women in the audience. "Want to come up here and see how much it hurts, good lady."

She shakes her head no and looks down at the floor. Hoping that she won't have to. A man sitting next to her taps her on the back and points to the stage. "Up woman, or I'll have you replace that fat bitch over Master Sardu's knee She reluctantly stands up and goes over to Ralphus, bending over, looking at her man. Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Ralphus swats her on the back of her dress. She shoots bolt upright and runs around just off the stage rubbing her sore ass. The audience laughs. Mary Jane seeing this, screams out the best she can. She knows that if it hurt the woman that much over her dress, her ass is going to be raw when Sardu gets through with it.

The woman runs back to her chair and sits down, very gently.

Ralphus has taken the wooden paddle over to Sardu. Sardu runs his free hand over the wood. it is very rough. "Yes, That's do the trick."

Crack. Goes the paddle. "OOEEOOEEOOOW." goes Mary Jane. Crack. "OOEEOOEEOOOW." Crack. "OOEEOOEEOOOW." Crack. "OOEEOOEEOOOW." Crack. "OOEEOOEEOOOW." Crack. "OOEEOOEEOOOW." Crack. "OOEEOOEEOOOW."

With each swat of the wooden paddle on Mary Jane’s ass she screeches out. Her ass is turning bright red from the beating. She arches her back with each swat.

Ralphus goes around the stage and gathers up all the punishment implements that the audience had thrown up on the stage.


Sardu stops tanning Mary Jane’s ass, its scarlet now. "Ralphus help Mary Jane up."

Ralphus helps the crying woman to her feet. Take her back stage Ralphus."

The audience goes "AAAAAAA," There sorry the part of the show with Mary Jane is over.

Sardu looks to them. Don't worry. She'll be back latter, I've got something special planned for her. Audience participation. The audience cheers. "Yeeh, Yeeh, Yeeh, Yeeh."

"Now for something, or someone else." He goes off the stage to get the next act ready. As he walks off, the audience yells. "More. More. More. More. More." They stamp their feet in synchronization to the yells for more.

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