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Blood Games (1990) - Non Spanking Movie Review Monday


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A team of Beautiful women softball players, Laura Albert, Shelley Abblet, Rhyve Sawyer, Julie Hall, Paula Manga, Sabrina Hills, Randi Randolph And Lisa Zambrano, get lost in the woods after their bus breaks down. A baseball team of gorgeous women arrives in a small town, sets up a game against a rough team of rednecks, and wins. The guys get even by killing the babes' coach. The girls respond in kind and a bounty is put on their heads which brings every macho hunter and mercenary out looking for them. But these dudes have underestimated their opponents.

They get attacked, beaten, raped and murdered by some psychotic men. The men attacking them are the group of local men's softball players that they beat in a game the day before.

The women fight back with baseball bats and bows and arrows. They kick ass and those left walk off into the sunset.



Directed by Tanya Rosenberg and written by Craig Clyde, James Hennessy and George Saunders, with additional material by Robert Pfeffer. From a story by Jim Makichuk.

Healthy doses of violence and nudity propel the flimsy story.

At first glance, Blood Games (1990) might look a low-budget version of Deliverance with some kind of feminist spin. Unfortunately, the pseudo-feminism of the script is quickly compromised with the first sight of the protagonists, who are almost all played by actresses cast primarily because of their physical appearances, which indicates that Blood Games used to be made mostly for the male audience. However, any audience, whether it is male or female, is going to be disappointed with this film's atrocious acting and utterly predictable plot. Not even the nudity helps, and few humorous scenes failed to turn Blood Games into unintentional parody of itself.

The outdoor scenes were filmed in Sequoia National Forest, California, USA, while the baseball game was shot in Shaver Lake, California, USA.

My Scenario:

During the shower scene at the end of the baseball game with the local red neck crackers, the girls shower off. There is no spanking in it, but should have been.

Babe was buck naked and showering off, when Donna flicked a towel at her ass. Flick. "EEEEEE."

Babe jumps around for a few seconds rubbing a knot that formed on her left ass cheek. She stops and looks at Donna, standing there, also buck naked. "What the fuck do you think you’re doing?"

Donna laughs. "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. I was just having a little fun." She drops the towel on the ground and gets under the hot water. Beginning her shower.

Babe rubs her ass again. She goes over to a Wanda, who is brushing her hair with a wooden hairbrush. "Wanda can I borrow your hairbrush?"

Wanda finishing brushing her hair, hands it to her. "Sure here."

Babe taps it on the palm of her hand. Wanda looks at her. "What are you going to do with it?"

Babe rubs her ass again. "I'm going to have a little fun with it."

Wanda looks over at Donna, under the shower. Babe starts to walk over to Donna. Wanda looks around at the other women. "Everybody, I think there's going to be some excitement."

Once Babe is over at Donna. Crack. "Yeow."

Donna jumps three feet in the air and comes down on her feet again. She grabs a railing that's against the wall. "What the fuck."

Crack. "Yeow."

"What the fuck do you think you're doing Babe?"

Babe again taps the hairbrush on the palm of her hand. She then rubs her sore ass where the towel left a large welt on it. "Now I think it's my time to have a little fun."

Donna starts to run around the shower area. Trying to get away from Babe. The other girls keep blocking her way. They're giggling as they do it. Babe eventually catches Donna and drags her over to a bench, she puts her one foot up on the bench. "No wait, It was all in fun."

Babe bends Donna over her knee. Holding her firmly with her left hand. Babe is squirming and screaming for her to be let go. "No wait, let me go. Someone please stop this. It was all in fun."

Crack. "Yeeeeeeow." Crack. "Yeeeeeeow. Oh stop, stop." Crack. "Yeeeeeeow." Crack. "Yeeeeeeow. OOOOOO. This isn't right." Crack. "Yeeeeeeow." Crack. "Yeeeeeeow. I only hit you once." Crack. "Yeeeeeeow." Crack. "Yeeeeeeow. Let me up." Crack. "Yeeeeeeow."

Babe stops spanking Donna. Donna stands up and rubs her beet red ass. Everyone giggles and laughs, except Donna. She goes back to her showering. Rubbing the sting out of her ass, as she walks back to the shower. One sore and sorry young lady. She'll get even with Babe for that pain.

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