Saturday, February 14, 2009

W. O. S. H.: Wives Of Spanking Husbands

W. O. S. H.: Wives Of Spanking Husbands seems to have been a real club of women who believed that their men folks, especially their husbands had the duty and especially the right to spank them on occasion.

Below is a spanking story about one such lady, who had a change of mind.


Jane Monroe was standing before the secretary of the Wives Of Spanking Husbands Club, she wasn't actually a member, but had heard about the club about three weeks ago and decided that it might be a club she would like. She knew that her husband had talked of divorce, as he couldn't stop her from spending all of his hard earned cash on anything and everything.

She had been put on probation, by the club and would be entered as a full member after one month.

She stood there thinking about her little ordeal with her husband. An ordeal that she didn't like.

Marcy got a dues form out of the desk drawer. "Do you want to pay your dues?"

She stood there thinking about her spanking. How had it all begun.

She had come home from buying a dress. It was to be sent around to her the next day. She entered the house. She tried to think of a way to get her husband to say okay to the purchase. He was talking on the telephone. "Yes Paula, she bought what. A dress. It cost her how much. No, I think you can just keep it. She won't be needing it."

Paula was a member of W. O. S. H. and all members of the Women Of Spanking Husbands club always notified the member’s husbands whenever wives did anything that they shouldn't have done. Such as: Buying expensive cloths, lying, searing, stealing, jaywalking and more than 50 other wrongs.

Jake, Jane's husband hung up the telephone. Jane stopped as she took off her coat and hung it up in the closet. "JANE MONROE."

Jane jumped, he had yelled at her quite loudly. She walked over to him. She could see he was quite distressed. She cuddled up to him to try and calm him down. "Yes lovey."

Jake stepped back. "I understand that you spent a fortune on a new dress you don't need."

"Um, Ah. Mm. I do need it."

"Need it." He grabs her by the ear and marches her into their bedroom. Opening her closet door, he points to the twenty dresses she already has. "What part of need it don't I understand."

"Um, Ah. Mm." Again she fumbled for the right word.

Jake looked around the room. He hadn't ever spanked her. But he knew all about W. O. S. H. and was an auxiliary member. As all husbands where. He had been briefed on the aims of the club. Then he saw it, Jane's old wooden hairbrush, sitting on the vanity table. He walks over to the table and picks up the brush.

"What are you going to do with that thing?" He taps it on the palm of his hand. "I think it's time to put the dictates of W. O. S. H into use and use his authority under the clubs bylaws and spank his wife."

She steps back and puts her hand over her backside. "Noooooo."

Jake walks over to Jane and grabs her by the arm. He then pulls her over to the bed and sits down, she falls over his knee. "No, wait. I don't think this will be necessary."

She tries to get up. His left hand pushes her back down over his knee. "Noooooo." is all she screams.

Jane can feel her dress raising over her waist. "Please Jake. I'll be good in the future. I'll watch my spending."

His fingers go into the back of her panties and down the go. The bristles of the brush rub against her ass cheeks. She starts to cry before even one swat.

"Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo."

He raises his arm into the air, Jane looks back at him. "Please don't."

Jane tightens up her ass muscles; She also tries to get up again.

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Oh my Jake. Please stop." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. I've learned my lesson and won't ever, ever be disobedient again." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

As Jake tanned his wife’s backside. Jane kicked her legs violently, as she struggled to free herself. But to no avail. Her hand went back over her ass. All that did was get one swat of the hairbrush on the palm of her hand. It shot away from her ass in pain.

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Jaaaaake, Noooooo." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Jane thought that she would lose her mind. The pain shot through her ass and up her spin. She was having trouble even thinking straight.

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

The spanking over, Jake let Jane up off her knee. She fell on the bed and cried until suppertime. Jake had made dinner, as he knew she wouldn't be in any condition to fix anything. She said nothing during the entire meal. She had to sit on a pillow.

After dinner was over, Jake got up from the table and started to wash the dishes. She sat there on the pillow. Her ass throbbing. He turned around and looked at her. "Jane my dear. I suggest that you go and fix yourself up. You may have forgotten, but tonight’s the monthly meeting of W. O. S. H.."

She got up and they left for the meeting.

Jane stood there in front of the reception desk "Dues nothing!! I quit!!" Jane's backside throbbed under her dress. It hurt so much that she couldn't even wear any panties.

Then she felt Jake standing behind her. "I'll hear none of that. I may just have to give you another spanking." He took his wallet out of his pocket and handed the club president the fifty dollars in dues.

Jane turned to him and stamped her foot at him. "Spank me."

"Okay, if that's what you want." He grabs Jane and pulls her over to a chair and right there in front of everyone at the meeting lifts up the back of her dress and begins her most recent spanking.

Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "Wait! I didn't mean... Oh what's the use. OUCH!" Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH."

Her spanking over, Jane was let up off her man's knee. Standing there rubbing her even sorer backside, Marcy hands Jane the dues payment form. Jane just stands there, that is until she gets a firm swat on her backside. Swat. "OOOOOO."

She then takes the form from March and the two walk into the club meeting. Everyone was looking at Jane, as she walked down the aisle to her chair. On it sat a pillow. On all chair the women where to sit on had pillows on them.


M. Williamson said...

I wish my husband would spank me like this every time I over spend.

Anonymous said...

Totally hot story. My husband's favorite choice of spanking implement is the dreaded hairbrush. Wooden ones hurt like anything. Hate those. OTK and panties down is his choice of position. If I act like a disrespect little brat, I get spanked like one. He likes to make sure my backside is good and red all over. I'm in a consensual D/s relationship. I don't advise husbands doing this unless there are rules, safe words and it's consensual. Also the husband has to know what he's doing not to leave bruises. He has to know how much his wife can take and how to warm her up. I'm a spankoholic though and as much as I hate getting spanked, it's a total turn on at the same time. I love before bedtime spankings when I have PJ's on. Having my PJ bottoms pulled down gets me hot and bothered. If he starts off with taking my temperature with an old fashioned rectal thermometer as added embarrassment, it's totally hot... especially when he lubes up a finger and spreads my cheeks to get me ready for the thermometer. Feeling his lubed finger push into my backdoor entrance all the way, while rubbing around the lube, has me coming before the spanking starts. Especially knowing he has me in a position for a thorough inspection of my privates. I never stop getting embarrassed about him seeing everything... yet what a turn on. Getting an OTK hairbrush spanking with panties down makes me horny. I love the whole D/s thing. I think we are a bit more into daddy/daughter play. It still hurts, but hearing... "You just earned yourself a trip across my knee little girl, so go into the bedroom and get your PJ's on and wait for me."... sigh... I need to act naughty more often.

Anonymous said...

Soundly spanking a woman's bare behind can get through to her like nothing else can. While some women relish getting their butts beat, most hate it. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most effective means of communication ever devised by man. Even reluctant women admit being spanked calms them down and makes them submissive. It also makes women respect men. That's one reason spanked wives stay married and remain faithful to their husbands.

Lars Christian Steenberg said...

Most women hate the spankings but like the afters - and women who live in these "Consensual" spanking relationships stay there because the feeling of love, security and intimacy aterwards is worth a sore bottom and a pillow to sit upon.