Thursday, February 26, 2009

Strange Girls (2007) - Indepentent Movie


Strange Girls Web Site

Strange Girls (2007) is an independently made phsyco-drama movie. Very offbeat but involving & entertaining thriller! There is a girl getting paddled in it.

A drug-addicted psychiatrist inherits the case of twin sisters who speak to nobody and do everything in complete synchronization.

Will she be able crack their mysterious case or will she die in the trying? Set in the deteriorating vistas of rust-belt Pittsburgh, Strange Girls (2007) set in working class Pittsburgh, centers around two seemingly near-mute twins who act out in synchronicity and occasionally communicate in a childhood language (similar to tones of Jodie Foster in Nell (1994) ).

The girls, who are in a psychological facility want to be socialized and move out of the hospital so that they can live with each other. It becomes clear they are not that they will go to any lengths to make this happen and appear 'normal' to the authorities.

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