Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spanking Comics

Below is a set of panes from an authentic spanking comic. I doesn't appear to be from a spanking fans artwork, but from the real deal.

It's unusual to have a spanking in comics, especially in English, since most comics that feature spankings are done in foreign languages, not English. I also have no idea who drew it, when it was drawn or from what comic and country it comes from.

Hope you enjoy them. ...


mestreton said...

Hi, Paul!!
The great Milo Manara drew this comic. I don't know exactly when, but it was in the happy 8o's.
I have this little comic translated to spanish language, despite the original one was in italian. His title in spanish, "Cámara indiscreta", could be translated as "Indiscreet camera"
Sorry for my poor english and congratulations for your very nice blog. I read it every day! You can see some of my works dedicates to spanking at Spank Catala Blog.

Dave said...

Milo Manara indeed. One of the finest erotic artists of this generations.

These are gorgeous illos--have not seen them before, and thank you for sharing them. :)

Keep up the great blogging,