Friday, February 6, 2009

Lee Falk: Spanking Aficionado ?????

Mandrake the Magician is an American comic strip created in 1934 by Lee Falk (also creator of The Phantom) and mainly appearing in syndication in newspapers.

After the series existing in cartoons, radio plays, and serials, a movie based on Mandrake with magician Criss Angel is set to start filming in 2008, released in 2009.

I doubt very much if in this age there will be a spanking in the movie Mandrake, but we as spanko's can only hope there will be. After all the number of spankings in movies and on television has increased over the past few years.

Now the Phantom also has had spankings of young ladies in it. One can only wonder, was Lee Falk a spanko at heart or is it only a coincidence that he routinely had spankings in his comic strip.

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