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Cinema Friday - Bachelor Flat (1962)


Drean Sequesnce Where Tuesday Weld Gets The Strap Used On Her Backside


Francesca Bellini Laying On Vibrator Bed Getting Her Backside Vibrated


Tuesday Weld wearing tight short shorts

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Anthropology Professor Bruce Patterson (Terry Thomas) has the natural British charm that allures women automatically. When his fiancée Helen Bushmill (Celeste Holm) is abroad for an extended time, he has to fight the neighborhood ladies and his students away. Helen has failed to tell him that she has a seventeen year old daughter Libby (Tuesday Weld) who shows up at her mother’s home unaware that she in engaged.

My Scenario:

This scenario concerns the Terry Thomas dream sequence. When she wakes him up from his sleep, she gets a real spanking, not the dream sequence spanking.

Professor Bruce Patterson is asleep in bed, he just dreamed a dream about Libby Smith. In his dream he sees Libby getting her backside tanned with a strap by the nuns at the reform school, he thinks she had escaped from.

Libby rushes from her hiding place, when she hears Professor Patterson having his nightmare. She wakes him up. "Y0u escaped with your rubber girdle."

"Girdle, hay you must have had a bad dream." He sits up in the bed and looks at her.

He covers himself up. "What are you doing here."

She points at him. "You where screaming."

"What are you doing here." Mike Pulaski enters the bedroom.

"Professor, you where screaming. You must have been having a bad dream." Mike scratches the top of his head.

Professor Patterson sits up on the side of the bed. "Where where you sleeping young lady."

"I was sleeping in Mike’s bed. It's so lumpy, I have trouble sleeping. Professor Patterson looks at Mike.

Libby looks at the Professor. "I think I'll move back in here and sleep on the couch. It's not as lumpy."

"You where sleeping with Mike. You're much too young to be sleeping with him."

"No silly, He was sleeping on the floor. I was alone in the bed."

Professor Patterson reaches over and picks up a hairbrush off the night stand. Libby takes it from him and brushes the Professors hair. "I'll brush your hair. Men just don't know how to brush their own hair."

The Professor takes the hairbrush back from her. "I wasn't going to brush my hair young lady."

Libby looks from the Professor to Mike than back again. "Well what are you going to do with it."

Professor Patterson than lifts Libby up and turns her over his knee. "I was going to give a spoiled little child a good spanking. One she has needed for some time."

Libby finds herself over his knee. Mike is watching. Professor Patterson then yanks down her pajama bottoms, baring her backside. "No wait. I'm 17, not a child. You can't do this."

Crack. "Yeow." Crack. "Yeow. Stop. Stop. Oh god, stop this." Crack. "Yeow." Crack. "Yeow. It hurts." Crack. "Yeow." Crack. "Yeow."

"It's supposed to hurt young lady. That's the point of being spanked." Professor Patterson doesn't slow down or waver in his conviction that a spanking is needed.

Crack. "Yeow." Crack. "Yeow."

Libby looks up at Mike. "Mike stoop him, he's killing me."

The Professor looks up at Mike as well. "Unless you want a spanking when I'm through with Libby, I suggest you get back out to your trailer."

Crack. "Yeow." Crack. "Yeow. Mike, in the name of god stop him."

Mike turns and runs out of the house. He isn't in any mood for a spanking himself. He was enjoying seeing Libby spanked, but not one for himself.

Crack. "Yeow." Crack. "Yeow." Crack. "Yeow."

Professor Patterson stops spanking Libby and pulls up the back of her pajama bottoms and puts the hairbrush down on the table. He then helps her to her feet. She's sniffling and rubbing her ass. "That was just awful."

"Yes, but it did the both of us a world of good. Now you can have my bed. I'll sleep in the couch."

Professor Patterson gets up and leaves the room. Libby gets in the bed and turns over on her stomach. She can't sleep on her back. Backside is too sore.

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