Thursday, January 15, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

Megan Veroni had been a teacher for the past 15 years. Serena Dale was a problem student. She was 18 and a senior at the Pearson Secondary School for girls. An all girl’s high school. She had been caught cheating on her final exam.

Her and her mother Hilda had been called in to see Megan. Megan didn't want to make Serena repeat her senior year, but she didn't know what she was going to do. "Miss Dale, I'm sorry that I have to force you to repeat your senior year, but there is no other choice."

Serena began to sniffle. "Repeat the 12th grade." She turns to her mother. "Oh mummy, please. There must be something else; I'd just die to be held back like that."

Serena turns back to Megan. "Miss Veroni there has to be something else that can be done. I'll take the test over again, and then if I fail it, I'll repeat the 12th grade. But please give me a chance. I've never cheated before. The test was just too hard."

Hilda looks at her daughter, then at Megan. "Miss Veroni, there must be something that can be done other than making her repeat a grade."

Megan smiled; she did so much enjoy spanking young ladies. Now she was going to get the chance to not only spank Serena, but probably her mother as well. "Mrs. Dale, there is one thing that can be done. It's extraordinary, but it can be done. "Serena can go over my knee for a sound spanking."

Serena gasps. "OOOHHH." Turning to her mother. "Mummy, no please that would be just awful. I've never."

Megan was the first to speak next. "That is probably the trouble young lady. You've never had a firm hand used on you and think that you can do whatever you wish."

Hilda looks at Megan, head lowered. "Yes Miss Veroni, I think you're right. That will be the best thing."

Hilda stood up. "Yes I think so." She takes a piece of paper out from the desk drawer. "Here sign this Mrs. Dale. It gives me permissi9on to spank Serena and you."

Hilda didn't hear all that was said to her, she quickly signed it. "Mummy no, It isn't right."

Megan walks over to Serena and picks her up out of her chair and pulls her back to her own chair. She sits down. As she is being put over Megan's knee, she struggles a bit. But Megan gets her over her knee. "Mummy, please don't let Miss Veroni do this. This is just awful."

Serena over Megan’s knee lifts the back of her dress up. "Mummy, oh please stop her."

Serena tries to stand, but Megan pushes her back down over her knee. Her left hand holds her firmly over her knee.

Megan lowers Serena's panties. Serena is sniffling, knowing what's about to happen. Then it begins.

Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO. Oh my. Stop. Stop" Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO. It hurts so Miss Veroni." Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO. Please stop." Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO."

Serena is starting to cry. Not only because of the pain, but because of the humiliation of being spanked. "Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."

Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO."

Megan stops spanking Serena and helps her to her feet. Hilda stands up. "Pull up your panties young lady, Mummy and you are going home."

Megan looks at Serena. "Miss Dale, Go stand against the wall, me and your mother have a little matter to discuss."

Serena does as she is told. Megan turns to face Hilda. "Now Mrs. Dale, for your spanking."

Hilda rolls up her right sleeve. "My spanking. What are you talking about? My spanking. I won't let you."

"Mrs. Dale, that paper you just signed gave me permission to not only spank Serena, but yourself."

She grabs Hilda's ear, and pulls her over to the chair. The exact same chair that she just spanked her daughter on. She sits down and before Hilda can stop her she finds herself in the same position her daughter had just been in, over Miss Veroni's knee.

Megan did as she had done to Serena, up with the dress and down with the panties. "Noooooo, you can't do this. I'm forty years old and much too old for a spanking."

Hilda tried to stand and was pushed back down by Megan. Megan wadded the back of Hilda's blouse up in her hand and held her firmly over her knee, ass sticking up, now quite bare. She raises her hand. Hilda looks back at Megan. "No wait, I didn't read what I was signing. I forbid this."

Crack. "OUCH." Crack. "OUCH. Stop this, this instant." Crack. "OUCH." Crack. "OUCH. I forbid this humiliation." Crack. "OUCH." Crack. "OUCH."

Megan stops spanking Hilda. Hilda tries to stand, but is pushed right back down. "Mrs. Dale, here at Pearson Secondary School, we believe that when a student must be punished, it's better if the parent, in this case you, is punished in the exact same manner. It helps to instill in the parents that bad behavior won't be tolerated and also helps the parents come to the conclusion that the students will behave, or else.

Hilda is sniffling. "But it isn't right. I'm 40, much too old for this treatment."

Crack. "OUCH." Crack. "OUCH."

"If you think it's humiliating for you, think what it's like for the fathers who find themselves in this position, when their sons misbehave."

Crack. "OUCH." Crack. "OUCH." Crack. "OUCH." Crack. "OUCH." Crack. "OUCH."

Megan stops the spanking and Hilda shoots up off her knee, rubbing her backside. She turns to her daughter Serena and grabs her by the arm. "Young lady, wait till I get you home. I think the strap will have to be used."

She then pulls her daughter out of the office and down the busy hallway. Megan goes to the door and watches. About 35 feet way Hilda swats Serena on the back of her dress. Megan turns and looks at Greg Martin and his son Bill. "Okay Mr. Martin would you kindly come into my office."

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