Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Mothers Humiliation

Carl Henderson had been awakened at 4 in the morning by a telephone call from his younger sister Janet. Carl was 26 and Janet was 16.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Carl rolled over on his side and picked up the telephone. "Hello."

Janet: "Hello Carl, its Janet."

Carl: "Janet is anything wrong.

Janet: "Oh my god yes. I just got a call from mummy. She's been arrested."

Mummy was Georgie Henderson, their 50 year old mother.

Janet was crying.

Carl: "Arrested. What happened, where is she?"

Janet: "I don't know what happened. She's at the city police station. They said someone has to go down there and pay her ten thousand dollars bail. Oh Carl I'm so scared."

Carl: "Janet, don't cry. Everything will be alright. Cathy will be over to sit with you until I can find out what's going on."

Cathy was Carl's wife of six years. They had no children yet. As Cathy worked as a teacher and wanted to get her career going before they had children.

Janet: "Oh thank you Carl."

Carl. "Cathy will be right over Janet. Now all is okay. Goodbye."

Janet: "Goodbye."

They both hung up the telephone. Carl shook Cathy awake and told her about what was going on and what they where to do. They got up and dressed, with Cathy driving her car over to Janet, while Carl drove down to the city police station. They lived in a small town, population six thousand souls.

Once Carl got to the police station he quickly found out that his mother had been found streaking down the center of the main street. Drunk as a skunk, as they say. He paid her bail and neither said a word as they drove home to Janet and Cathy. Georgie Henderson, their mother, was a drunk or the worst kind. Carl tried to look after her, but she was a handful.

Once home Georgie went into her home and Carl parked the car. Georgie entered the front door and Janet ran up to her. "Mummy, oh mummy I was so scared that something had happened to you." The two women embrace.

Carl then enters the house and stands there right in front of Georgie. He shakes his head side to side. "Mother, Mother Mother."

She smiles. "Carl. Carl Carl."

At this Carl loses his temper. "Mother, your behavior was inexcusable. Imagine running naked down the street, like some common whore."

His mother tries to speak. "Like a."

But her cuts her short. Holding up his hand. "Hush mother."

She tries to speak again. "Hush, I'm not a child to be."

"Hush woman. I've decided that you and Janet will be moving in with me and Cathy. You need someone to watch over you constantly."

She shakes her head no. "No, I'm quite happy here."

"Oh but you will and for another thing." He stops speaking before he is through with his thought. He has decided that what his mother needs is just what he'd have given Janet if she had streaked a sound spanking.

He grabs his mothers arm and pulls her over to the chair. "Carl, let me go. What do you think you're doing? No, let me go, you’re hurting my arm."

He sits down in the chair and before Georgie can react is lifting up the back of her dress. "I'll teach you not to drink and then streak like some common whore."

Georgie tries to stand. But Carl pushes her back down with his left hand. "Mother you're going to get this high and mighty backside of yours tanned cherry red. Then you'll pack up your belongings and came to live with me and Cathy.

Georgie is too frantic to hear any of it. "Carl, no, I'm your mother. Not Janet or even Cathy. You let me up this instant."

At this she feels her panties being yanked down to her knees. "Noooooo."

Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO. Carl, stop this humiliation." Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO. Do you hear me, stop it." Swat. "OOOOOO." Swat. "OOOOOO."

The hand spanking wasn't having the planed effect that Carl had hoped for. Georgie was barely screeching and probably wasn't it any real discomfort. He stops the spanking, at which point Georgie tries to get up. It doesn't take much to hold her over his knee. He looks around the room and spots an 18 inch ruler sitting on a desk. He points to it. "Janet, fetch that ruler."

Janet goes and picks it up. "Yes that's it, bring it to me."

Georgie sees the ruler and screeches. "Noooooo. Janet, put that thing down this instant."

Janet doesn't even hesitate; she knows what might happen to her if she doesn't do what Carl says. She hands Carl the 18 inch ruler. "Thank you."

Georgie is struggling to free herself and stand up, but can't."

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Oh god. Stop, stop, it hurts so." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Carl again stops the spanking and Georgie is now blubbering like a ten year old child. "Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."

He looks up at Janet. "Janet, go into your room and pack some cloths for a week or so." Then he looks at Cathy. "Cathy, you do the same for my mother. They'll be moving in today. You can all come back in a couple of days and pack everything up."

They both nod and say. "Yes." Off they good. As for Georgie, her spanking continues.

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Oh my god Carl. This isn't right. I'm your mother for god’s sake." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Oh my, it hurts so much. Please stop. I'm so sorry I did it. I'll never drink like that again." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Carl stops spanking Georgie. "Never drink like that again. If you ever drink again, I'll tan this ass of yours raw with a leather strap. And just so you know, when you were out in the car, waiting for me, I had a little talk with Police Chief Rogers. I told him that if he ever catches you breaking the law again. He personally could take his belt off and raise a few welts on this backside of yours."

"No, Oh my noooooo." Georgie completely broke down; she could only blubber and screech in pain as her so called loving son tanned her bare ass. Something he's never done before to her in her entire life. No, not even her late husband had struck her in any way.

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Through with the spanking Carl let Georgie up. She stood there crying until Janet and Cathy returned with a suitcase each. Then she was marched out to the car and the three went home to Carl and Cathy's home. Two days later Janet, Cathy and Georgie came back to Georgie's home and packed up all the cloths.

A week later moving men came for the other belongings. Two months later the house was rented out to a young couple and Georgie and Janet where finally settled into their new home. Georgie didn't like it, as Carl ruled her with an iron hand. Janet loved it. Finally a stable home life.

Not a drunken mother who was usually not there. But one in which there was a family at last. She didn’t like being treated like the child she was, but it was better than having to look after one’s self all the time.

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sixofthebest said...

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, for once a son had the bravery of taking his mother to task for being such a naughty brat. And walloping her bare mature bare bottom. Bravo.