Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lil Abner Comic Strip

Below is a cartoon strip from the comic Li'l Abner. It looks to be from the original comic and not a fans rendition. It shows Mammy Yokum hand spanking one unfortunate woman. I'm sure this woman deserved the spanking.

This comic was created and written by Al Capp. ...

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Dave Wolfe said...

Yup, Paul, tha's sho'nuff Al Capp, from the early days of the strip! Great find, and thanks for sharing it!

There was an outfit called "Kitchen Sink Press" that began reprinting all the L'il Abner strips in book form. They had several volumes out, but closed shop before getting though all forty-odd years the strip ran. They're kinda hard to find now!

And that's too bad, because there were a few more hot items there! There was an episode in which one of Daisy Mae's portly suitors spanked her over his lap, and threatened her Maw would be next if she interferred!

Daisy showed up once with cartoon stars streaming from her shapely bottom, telling Mammy Yokum that some plot she had against L'il Abner had backfired-- to which Mammy replied, "As any fool kin plainly see!!"

There was a third in which we actually SAW Daisy Mae over Li'l Abner's lap-- that's been on the Web-- and that was BEFORE they got hitched!

So, if I run across those, I'll letcha know. Meanwhile, thanks for thi, and all the li'l delights on your blog!