Monday, January 19, 2009

Juke Joint (1947)


Louella 'Mama Lou' Holiday (Inez Newell) turns her screen daughter Florida Holiday, (Katherine Moore), over her knee and tans her pantied backside with a hairbrush. Her daughter has started to work as a waitress in a Juke Joint, (black country bar), playing blues music and sometimes country music. To a good, church going woman like Mama Lou, this would be the same as if her daughter was working in a whore house. So she takes matters into her own hands, or hairbrush in this case.

Now since you don't actually see Miss Moore's head during the spanking, it could have been a body double. But a black film of the era would have been made on the cheap and a body double would have cost the producer money. Juke Joint (1947) was directed by Spencer Williams.

Spencer William's was probably one of the most prolific of the black film makers of his era. An era where he made films primarily for the black communities and audiences. He can be compared to Spike Lee or our era. To most of us Spencer Williams is best know for playing Andy in the Amos 'n Andy (1951-1953) television show on television, not radio, as the characters where all played by white actors on the radio.

For a good article on Spencer Williams go to Wikipedia and read all about him.

Hitch-hiking con-men Bad News Johnson (Spencer Williams) and 'Cornbread' Green (July Jones) arrive in a Midwestern small town with a capital of 25 cents. Taking a room with Mama Lou, whose daughter is entered in a local beauty contest, they pose as Hollywood actors who can train Honey Dew in stagecraft. Meanwhile, Mama's other daughter Florida prepares to elope to Chicago with Johnny, owner of the Juke Joint...where, after a jitterbug contest, Mama herself takes a hand.

The movie Juke Joint (1947) is the only movie with black woman being spanked in it, that I've ever heard of in a mainstream movie. Not that I've actually seen this movie, because I haven't seen it yet. There may be others, but I've never heard of them. Now I've seen black women being whipped in movies, but never over the knee spankings.

If there is other black women being spanked in movies, please tell me the titles and year the movie was produced.

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