Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wives Must Get Good Grades At School, As Well As Children

Wendy Farly was going to University full time. Her husband Bryan worked to send her to law school. He was a lawyer and she was studying to be one. They intended to open their own law firm once she finished law school and passed the bar.

Bryan got home from work early, usually he worked longer in the day than Wendy went to school, but this day was different.

Wendy came through the door; she had a smile on her face, that wouldn’t last. If she only knew what awaited her, perhaps she would have gotten home earlier to get a hold of the mail, the mail with her last semester’s grades in it.

Wendy entered the living room, there sat Bryan. He was ready some papers. She went over and kissed him on the cheek. "Good afternoon my love."

He kissed her back. "Good day sweetie thing."

Wendy noticed that he wasn't in a good mood. "Whets wrong honey?"

Bryan handed her the papers he was reading. She immediately noticed that it was the grades she had received the previous semester. She had done well; she knew that, so what the problem was she didn't know.

Wendy sat down on the sofa next to Bryan and looked at her grades. They were all A's and B's except for that one C. She smiled. "Congratulate me Bry. My grades are a 3.5."

Bryan shook his head. "Yes and that's good, but they could have been excellent if that damn C had been a B or and A. Then you’d have gotten a 3.6 or a 3.75."

She put the report of her grades down on the coffee table. "Yes but one C isn't worth mentioning, is it."

"Yes it is. You should have studied harder and gotten that B." He stands up and goes into the bedroom and takes his razor strap off the hook in the closet where it hangs. Coming back out to the living room, Wendy immediately knows what’s about to happen. She quickly stands up and puts her hand over the back of her dress.

"Bryan, what in the name of god are you going to do." Wendy knew what was going to happen. She'd needed that razor strap on more than one occasion, before they were married and definitely after their marriage.

He sat down on a chair on the other side of the coffee table from the sofa. Putting the strap down on his lap he looks up to Wendy. "Get over here young lady."

Wendy knew better that to not get over there when she was told. She'd get much worse if she disobeyed him at a time like this and they both knew it. Reaching up her dress, he gives her panties one good yank and down they come. She starts to step out of them and with one foot out and the other still in he pulls her over his knee.

The razor strap is now in his hand. She can feel it rub against the side of her dress. She's beginning the sniffle at that though of the pain she knows she's about to go through. "Bryan, please, it was only one C. I don't really deserve this. I don't.

Now she isn't sniffling any more, but actually blubbering.

She looks back at Bryan, as she feels her dress rising over her bare ass. "Bryan no wait, please let me explain."

"There is no explaining to do my dear." Crack. "Ouch." Crack. "Ouch. Bryan my love, please don't. Please." Crack. "Ouch." Crack. "Ouch."

With each cut of the razor strap on her backside, she'd tighten up the muscles and yelp in pain. Crying her eyes out as she got the spanking. A spanking she knew she'd get if her grades hadn't been up to the standards that Bryan had lain down for her at the beginning of enrolling in law school.

Crack. "Ouch. Please, Please. Please." Crack. "Whaaah." Crack. "Whaaah."

As Wendy laid there getting her backside tanned she cried and yelped. Her head was shaking back and forth as she managed to beg him to stop.

Crack. "Whaaah." Crack. "Whaaah." Crack. "Whaaah." Crack. "Whaaah." Crack. "Whaaah."

Wendy then felt that the pain was subsiding in her enflamed backside. Bryan had stopped the spanking. He helped her up onto his knee, where she sat there, her ass cheeks dangling over his upper legs. She cried into his shoulder and he stroked her back.

"There. There. There Wendy. It's all over for now. I suggest you study harder next semester. For that hurt me as much as it did you and I don't want a repeat of it."

She hit him lightly in the shoulder with her clenched fist. "You don't want a repeat of it. I'm not going to be able to sit for a week. I definitely don't ever want another spanking with that god awful think." She points to the razor strap."

He pats her ass. "Well then perhaps studying more will help you get a better grade than a C."

She stood up and removed her panties from the one leg that it was still around. While he put the razor strap away. Neither mentioned the spanking again. Later that night at dinned, Wendy was sitting there on a large pillow eating. Neither said anything.

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