Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Réquiem For Granada (1991)

This video is from the Spanish miniseries Réquiem por Granada. It first aired in 1991. It's supposedly concerns Boabdil, the last Muslim King in Spain and is about the reconquest of Spain from the Muslims.

I wish to thank
Cometospk and Anonymous for telling me about it. Thank you to the both of you. ...



Cometospk said...

Hi, this video is from a Spanish-Italian co-production.
It was recorded in eight chapters to pay homage to The Spanish Reconquest, and it´s called "Requiem por Granada" in spanish.
It´s about the story of Boabdil, the last Muslim King in Spain.
I hope you find this short introduction grateful.
Greetings from Spain

Anonymous said...

It's a TV mini-series, the IMDB-URL is:

If I remember well, the scene is from episode 1 at least 2.