Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Good Spanking - 16

Abby receives her very first bare-bottom spanking for repeatedly exceeding the credit limit on her American Express. Her husband does enjoy spanking his lovely wife, but that doesn't mean he is thorough in her spanking.

She resists the spanking initially, but finally succumbs to the inevitable, whimpering as each stinging stroke is firmly applied to her unprotected backside.

Her delicate, never-spanked white bottom quickly turns a rosy shade after just a few smacks from her loving husband's very skilled hand. After her spanking is complete, she warmly embraces him, in apparent appreciation for her much-needed discipline session.

It probably turned them both on sexually. But what spanking aficionado wouldn't be turned on. That is the point in the end, or in this case on the end. The end of her tussie that is. ...


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