Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Classic Photographs Wednesday - 5

Jack Knowls and his young wife are heavily into BDSM. Neither of them have an ounce of pitty for women that they abduct into the dungeon. They even enjoy it all to hell.

Jack Knowls and his wife have abducted a woman, Petrie Comstock and stretched her out on a spanking bench. Helen Knowls has been instructed to warm her up for John and is hand spanking the back of her girdle.

Helens hand gets sore from beating Petrie's backside. But she knows better than to complain, as John would make another part of her anatomy even sorer. Not that she wouldn't enjoy it. But she didn't want it right at that moment.

Next John will yank down this girdle and use a razor strap on her bare ass till she's bleeds. She screams herself horse that first beating.

Two good friends, Constance and Kellie have been sold to Jack Knowls and he has decided to whip them both.

Petrie Comstock, who he held in his dungeon was dead within 3 months. He needed new women for him and his wife to have fun with.

Helen Knowls has been a bad girl and Jack Knowls, her husband has sentenced her to twenty cuts of his favoite punishment implement, his trusty razor strap.

She is given all twenty by Jack. She almost goes insane with the pain. But deep down loves every cut of that strap on her rear end. Cumming several times as she waits then screams in pain.

Betty Stanch has been abducted by Jack Knowls and his lovely wife Helen. They have secured her to the punishment post and are about to cane her backside raw.

Constance and Kellie are locked into their cells and forced to watch Betty get her hide peeled. Kellie is especially disturbed, for Betty is her older sister and a virgin. Nieve as they come.

Jack has done away with all of the women that he has abducted in the past. He had a little fun whipping them each to death. One after another.

Now he has Diana and his wife. Helen, his loving wife is waiting to be birched. She enjoys it all. The punishment and mostly the punishing other women.

Jack gives Diana a sound birching. There is only one problem, Helen, after Diana is birched is left alone and Jack goes and has lunch. Helen lets Diana out of the restraints holding her over the spanking bench and Diana manages to escape. The police arrest Jack and Helen and after a trial they are sent to the state work camps.

Helen pleaded fear in her part of the abductions and killings by her husband. She got a soft judge who only gave her 10 years on a work farm.

Helen and another woman have been found in a lesbian embrace, on Helens bed. The wraden sentenced each of them to 30 of the cat-'o-nine tails.

Helen enjoys the pain, even in prison.

Jack Knowls has been sentenced to life at the Workmen State Prison Farm. Penny Comstock is the younger sister to Petrie Comstock, one of the poor women that Jack has beaten to death.

Penny is the warden of this facility.

She has decided that Jack will get the hide peeled off his misserable ass daily. He daoesn't like it one bit. He is woked half to death and for the most trivial of reasons Penny beats his ass with all number of impliments.

He even has an electrode put around his penis, so she can shock him while he works.

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