Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Classic Photographs Wednesday - 4

Well it's Wednesday again and time to post some classic spanking photographs. This time I've chosen some extra old photographs for you perusal. Enjoy ...

In this picture we see two men, buck naked, beating a tied up woman's backside. From my experience, it is unusual to see older images that have naked men in them.

Perhaps these two men have abducted an unfortunate woman and taken her to their compound and are now in the process of conditioning her to be their sex slave. They could have any number of young or old women locked away in a basement, for their use.

In this photograph, I see a art gallery owner punishing her assistant/clerk.

Perhaps she told a client that a painting he wanted to buy was a piece of junk and laughed at his purchase. It cost the owner thousands of dollars.

An early sleep over by a three children. The children are causing a lot of noise and disturbing mummy and daddy. Spankings given all round. Even to the two who are sleeping over for the night.

A woman and her lesbian lover are having a little slap and tickle that got out of hand and the dom thinks that her lover needs more of the slap, than the tickle.

Of course the sub cooperates 100 hundred percent, as she loves it.

This would be nothing more than an S and M photo shoot. The photographer, probably a man, simply wants some photographs to sell to a public who is desperate for any kind of erotic S and M images.

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