Saturday, December 20, 2008

Betty Cooper Gets Her Hinny Tanned

In the Archie Comics, Archie Andrews has two very sexy and good looking girls’ friends, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. They both will do almost anything for the affection of Archie.

Betty, Veronica and Archie are at the beach, just outside their hometown of Riverdale. Betty and Veronica are stretched out on their individual
blankets, waiting for Archie to show up. Archie walks up with his blanket. He is wearing his bathing suit under his pants.

Betty gets up on her knees. "Archiekins, would you be a dear and get me something t0o drink from that beach store over there." She points to the beaches store that sells food.

Archie jumps up. "Sure sweetie." He looks down at Veronica. "Do you want anything Veronica?"

Veronica looks up at Archie. "No, I'm okay."

Archie looks down at Veronica. "I'll say you are.” Archie is in love with both women. He'd have sex with either if they'd let him. Off Archie goes to get her a soda. He is up at the counter buying two sodas and a hamburger for himself.

As Archie walks down to the two girls he sees Betty peel off her bikini bottoms. The she stands bare ass sticking out. This beach is the only beach in Riverdale which is a nudist beach. Cloths are optional. Veronica is still dressed.

Archie stops dead in his tracks. "My god Betty, what do you think you’re doing."

She drops her bikini bottom on her blanket. Archie all flustered, he'd never seen Betty naked like that before. Well almost naked, she about to reach up and remove her top. "Betty Copper, what are you doing? Stop that. I won't have any girlfriend of mine running around in her birthday suit."

Archie grabs her by the arm. She shakes his hand off. "Archiekins, you let go of me this instant. You’re not my father."

Archie reaches down and adjusts his penis in his pants. "What would your father say if he saw you like that?"

Archie bends and picks up the bottom to Betty's bathing suit. "He'd probably give her a sound spanking." Veronica says.

Archie looks down at Veronica. "Yes I think he would and I intend to give her one myself."

Betty steps back and puts her hand over her backside. "Archie, no. Give me my bathing suit, this instant."

Archie drops the bathing suit on the sand. He walks over to Betty; she has started to back up. "Archiekins, what are you going to do."

He grabs her by the arm. "I'll give you exactly what Mister Cooper would give you."

She shakes her head no. "No, you won't." She goes close to him and cuddles with him. "Archiekins, please not here, people will see."

Archie grabs her by the arm. "You should have thought of that before you stripped out of that bikini bottom of yours."

He pulls her over to a nearby ice cooler and sits down. Turning her over his knee. "Archie no wait. You can't do this, I won't let you. I'll tell my father."

Betty's legs are kicking. Archie grabs one. "I don't think so, he'd probably give you another spanking and you know it."

She relaxes over his knee. Knowing that it's true, her old man would probably do more than Archie is about to do."

Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH. Archiekins, you stop this, this second." Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH."

As Archie hand spanks her, Betty struggles and gyrates over his knee. With is strong right hand he tans poor Betty's ass.

Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH. Stop. Stop. Stop" Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH. Archiekins, stop it. People are starting to watch." Swat. "OUCH."

People at the beach have started to congregate around Archie, Betty and Veronica and watch Betty's humiliating and painful ordeal, but non seems to be in the mode to try and stop it.

Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH." Swat. "OUCH."

Archie has stopped spanking Betty and is rubbing her beet red ass.

"OUCH." "OUCH." "OUCH! I want my sun-bath lotion!"

Archie looks down at Veronica. "Hand me her sun-burn lotion Veronica."

She gets up and hands him the lotion. "I don't think her burn is from the sun, Archie. It's from your spanking her."

Archie then puts a lot of sun-burn lotion on his hands palm and gently rubs her backside with it. She moans as he does. "OOOOOO. OOOOOO. OOOOOO. OOOOOO. OOOOOO."

She's got mixed emotions as her backside is being rubbed. It hurts from him rubbing it and feels so good from the lotion soaking into her enflamed ass. Archie then stops and Betty stands up. Running away to their car, as she sees all the people looking at her. Veronica and Archie follow, time to go home. A short but fun day. That is fun for Archie and Veronica. Not so much for Betty.

She has trouble sitting all the way home from the nude beach.

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