Thursday, November 6, 2008

Superheros's Do Get And Give Spankings

There is something that you used to see in cartoons and comic strips more often than you do now and that is women getting spanked. Below are a number of female super hero's and super villain's getting the posteriors spanked.

You won't see them getting a spanking in their respective comic books or in a movie. But here they are in all their glory. Butts ablaze and crying their little super hero eyes out.


Dave Wolfe said...

Thanks, THH! I'm pleased to be included with the artists on this blog, two of whom I immediately recognize-- pro Andy Price and Dan Rivera, who, by the way, had also created a superhero called "CAPTAIN WOODSHED!"

This is an early version of that particular "WolfieToon"-- I posted a later one, correcting Flash's boots and the colors of Batgirl's costume.

I have a more recent superhero spanking you might like to see-- enjoy!



Dave Wolfe said...

Oops-- I forgot to mention Endart--sorry about that, Endie!!

And the html gobbledegook didn't translate into a colorful cartoon. Bother.

Maybe I should e-mail it to you.

Anonymous said...

The Barbarella scene is authentic: it comes from one of the earlier strips and is available in English on the second-hand market. It's usually in black-and-white.