Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spanish Language Cartoons ?????

Below is a cartoon in Spanish. I tried to tranlate it using Babel Fish Translator. But only about half the words would translate. So I gave up. Perhaps you know what it is saying. Enjoy the images anyways. ...


Cometospk said...

I´m spanish and i find your work great!

I want to help you with the translation:
1st balloon: Willow you have dissapointed me!
2nd: you almost get Dawn killed
3rd: Get undress. We´re gonna give you a good thrashing
4th: Well deserved young lady

This is the translation of the first picture

Cometospk said...

Now the translation of the second picture:

1st balloon: wow wow "LOL this is obvious"
2nd: stand up, little bitch
3rd: wow your bottom is quite red. Will I be able to get it more red?

Cometospk said...

the third picture:

1st balloon: get sore her bottom Buffy
2nd: pleas dont do it, Buffy
3rd: wow wow
4th: ahhhhh, it hurts
5th: wiat Buffy, it´s time to get funny

Cometospk said...

now, the fourth picture:

1st: what are you doing??
2nd: no please...
3rd: ahhhh

Cometospk said...

the fifth picture:

1st: Buffy, Anya told me that you went to bed with Spyke. You really disspointed me...
2nd: Good elder sister, this is gonna be funny
3rd: you´ve been a bad sister
4th: Owww, Dawnie that stings so much!!! OOww

Cometospk said...

And now the final picture:

1st: I want you both two bend over the desk
2nd: here we have two naughty bottoms of two naughty girls
3rd: ahhhh
4th: Now you´re not a rude killer, aren´t you sister?

I hope you can enjoy and understand my translation.
Excuse me if there are some mistakes!!
I´m trying to do my best :)

Cometospk said...

sorry, i didn´t see the seventh picture:

1st balloon: Now it´s time to get even with you
2nd: ahhh!
3rd: ten minutes later....

Dave said...

the language of a red hot ass is universal. I'm assuming this is a take on the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?

Nice translation work above tho!

The artists at Palcomix really have a great touch for mixing pop culture and the erotic.

Thanks for sharing these