Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Sleeping Maid

Elissa Finck was the head housekeeper of Lord Barrington's household, she has had that job for fifteen years, she was hired away from Baron Chesterfields household in 1922. She rules the Barrington's household with an iron fist.

Odetta Lester was recently hired as Lady Barrington's personal maid. She has worked in the household for 3 months and has needed a firm hand on a number of occasions.

Elissa enters her ladyship’s bedroom. She's looking for Odetta. There lays Odetta on her ladyships bed, fast asleep. "Odetta." Yells Elissa.

Odetta jumps out of the bed and lands on her feet. "Mrs. Finck, I fell asleep, I'm so sorry."

Elissa walks over to Odetta and turns her around swatting her backside. Swat. "OOOOOO."

"Young lady, come with me." Elissa turns and walks off, with Odetta following. Odetta knows that she's in deep trouble. This latest faux Pax could mean losing her job. "Mrs. Finck, what are you going to do to me?"

The two women walk down to Elissa's bedroom, it's in the basement, where all the helps rooms are. Hers is the largest room. But it's still in the basement. "Odetta child, I would be in my rights to fire you."

As they entered Elissa’s room, Odetta puts her hand up to her mouth and gasps. "OOOHHH, Oh no. Please I need this job. My mother would go hungry if I lost my job." Odetta sends most of her pay home to her widowed mother.

Elissa stops in the center of her bedroom. "Yes she would. You should have thought of that before you lay down on her ladyship’s bed. But I'm not going to fire you this time. Now lift up the back of your dress and stand in that corner."

Odetta puts her hand over her backside. "What are you going to do?"

Elissa walks over to her and swats Odetta on her rump again. "I'm either going to spank this backside or fire you. You make up your mind on what you want to do. Either lift your dress and tuck it into your waist or go back to your room and pack."

Elissa stands there waiting for what she knows Odetta will do and Odetta does as Elissa says. She raises her dress and tucks it in. Pointing to the corner, Elissa says. "Stand in the corner and contemplate your behavior, until I return."

Odetta goes and stands there in the corner, Elissa leaves. She's got other things to do. Odetta has nothing to do at that minute, as Lady Barrington is off visiting her friend Patricia Woolcock.

It is about two hours before Elissa returns. She enters the room and stands behind Odetta, for a few minutes. "Well young lady, are you going to behave in the future."

With her head lowered. "Oh yes Mrs. Finck, I will. I truly will."

"Good, now go over to the cabinet and fetch me my tawse. I think you also need a little corporal punishment." Elissa shivers. She knows how much that tawse is going to hurt.

Elissa pulls down Odetta's panties and swats her tail. Swat. "OOOOOO."

She points to the cabinet. "Get moving and fetch the tawse."

Odetta was sniffling as she walked over to the punishment equipment cabinet. She could feel Elissa following her. She opens the doors and sees the tawse, hanging in between the strap and large cane. Reaching up, she takes it off the hook.

Odetta turns around and sees Elissa sitting on the bed. "Come here young lady."

Odetta hesitates for a second. "Get in gear, young lady. Or I may just double your spanking."

Odetta is now crying. She walks over to Elissa and hands her the tawse. Elissa takes it. "Lay over my knee."

As Odetta lays over Elissa's knee she sighs. "AAAHHH."

Elissa raises the tawse in the air and brings it down on Odetta's lily white bottom.

Crack. At first Odetta says nothing. Then she lets out a long wail. "EEEEEIIIIIOOOOO."

Crack. With that second cut of the tawse on her backside, Odetta doesn't hesitate to screech. "EEEEEIIIIIOOOOO."


Odetta tries to stand up after the fifth cut of the tawse. But Elissa will have none of that. She puts her arm across Odetta's waist and shoves her back down over her knee. "It's not over yet, young lady."


Elissa hears the bedroom door open. There stands Lord Barrington. "What's going on? I thought someone was being killed."

Elisa stops spanking Odetta. "Her ladyships maid needed a little correction sir."

"Oh, in that case I'll leave and let you get on with it." Lord Barrington closes the door. But he stands outside the door. He enjoys hearing one of the servants getting spanked.


Odetta is so mortified at having his lordship see her in that position. She is screaming and blubbering, like the proverbial child she's being treated like. She doesn’t like it, but there's nothing that she can do.


Elissa finishes the spanking and puts the tawse down on the bed and lets Odetta stand, still crying. "Pull up your panties and put down your dress. Get back to work."

Odetta does as she is told. She then leaves and goes and cleans herself up after the beating. When she leaves the bedroom, Lord Barrington has departed. He left as soon as he knew that the spanking was over.

Elissa puts the tawse away and goes about her duties. As if nothing had happened. It was all in a day’s work for her.

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