Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Classic Photographs Wednesday - 2

Spanking Bench

A piece of furniture that is specifically designed to make for easier spanking. Various designs all allow for maximum access to the posterior region. There are usually restraints. This aids in the punishment, as the punisher doesn't have to worry about the spankee getting free. You can also use just about any large device as a spanking bench: Tab;es, floors, walls, posts, general furniture.

People can take their time and enjoy the whole experience. Whether the spankee does or not could be of no concern to the spanker.
That would depend on the spankee and how much control they had.

This spanking bench is one that is usually not a spanking bench, but a piece of furniture. In this case it looks like a bedroom chest of drawers that the spankee has simply been tied to by ropes.

The woman sitting on the back of the spankee could simply beat on her bottom like it was a drum. Even trying to beat out a particular tune. Whipout is a fast tune and would make the spankee jump to it.

The bench is this case is a very large one. It has been made to tie the unfortunate person up spread eagle style. As benches go, it probably has the largest square footage across.

You can lay it flat or at any angle you want. The person could be on their stomach or in this case on her back.

There is a number of pulleys and ropes holding this woman to a spanking bench. She could be made to suffer even more by tightening the ropes up, by the use of the pulleys. Sinch them up and spread her legs so as to get the best possible target for whatever is to be used on her.

Bettie Page has secured this woman to another piece of furniture. It looks like either a coffee table or a piano bench.

This ingenious devise is a stool that has been bolted into a small platform and the woman is secured to it by the use of leather belts. Her ass is sticking out in a most favorable position. One that is easy to make contact with.

Bettie Page again uses an unusual spanking bench. This one is simply a beam, between the floor and the ceiling.

This devise is a standard made spanking bench. That is what is was designed and built for. This woman is laying there, very vulnerable. Her man could simply tan her ass with that cane. She'd scream and beg him to stop. He might or maybe not stop, depending on their situation and what he wanted to do to her. But she would suffer.

As she was beaten she would try and pull her arms up and straining her wrists to free herself. To no avail.

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