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Cinema Friday - A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1994)


Banboo Whipping Scene

Man Strung Up And Whipped

Trailer In Chinese

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Purportedly based on an actual historical adultery case "Chinese Torture Chamber" kicks off in grand fashion. Before the credits have even rolled we are treated to a handful of historical torture methods (including the now obligatory castration footage) that grabs your attention by the short 'n' curlies, and then twists until your legs can't be pried apart.

Hong Kong filmmaker Bosco Lam directed this notorious Category III exploitation film from Wong Jing's Workshop which mixes outrageous physical humor, unusual soft-core sex, and disturbingly sadistic gore and torture in a distinctly Asian manner.

The torture scenes are relatively tame if you’re used to this sort of thing, and the sex scenes aren't explicit compared to porn; but there are some truly funny and original things going on in A Chinese Torture Chamber Story. It takes place sometime ago in China's glorious past, in the Sung Dynasty. When the courts utilized Spanish Inquisition like techniques to get the truth out of defendants. The opening scenes are a fairly graphic, though oddly funny, demonstration of ghastly tortures.

There is one sequence that totally blew my mind: The prince spy’s two heroes flying through the trees, fighting each other kung fu style, ripping each others' clothes off. It ends up being a man and a woman and then fucking while still mid-air.

The torture scenes are appropriately brutal, but generally short. There is nudity aplenty and some sex, but it never gets excessively graphic. Also there is an odd unbalance of dead serious scenes and goof-ball humor; half the film is comedy.

Chinese Torture Chamber Story is one of those films that lives up to its reputation and even surpasses it. A bizarre collection of soft-core sex, lame comedy, and absurd plot devices, the film is guaranteed to offend even the most politically incorrect.

Amidst all the debauchery, watch for a guest appearance by Julie Lee. Playing the wife to the flying hero she spends her screen time stark naked and zooming through the air. Julie Lee is a sex film legend in Hong Kong. Heiress to a vast public transportation fortune, she became a soft-core actress, known for her three husbands, one of whom died in a hotel room in an S&M accident. She later directed sex films notorious for depicting real sex onscreen and is Hong Kong's only female sex film auteur. She hit hard times in the late 90's and attempted suicide.

Also Known As (AKA)

  • Chinese Torture Chamber - (Unknown)
  • Man Qing Shi Da Ku Xing - (Hong Kong Mandarin Title)
  • Mun Ching Sap Daai Huk Ying - (Chinese)
  • Sala De Torturas Chinas, La - (Spain)


Shaw, aka "Little Cabbage", is sold to her father's landlord after he can no longer pay his rent. The landlord, who is called "The Scholar" is enamored by Little Cabbage's beauty and small feet so he plans on making her his concubine but this doesn't sit well with his sexually insatiable wife. While he is away, Cabbage finds out the wife is having an affair with a court official's son after she hears sexual noises coming from the young master's bedroom.

She is quickly sold to the poor guy in the village (who happens to have a HUGE dick), she is to be his wife, not his concubine with The Scholar's wife hatches a plan to kill Big Dick and frame Cabbage so she could never be found out, for cheating on her husband. When The Scholar returns he finds out that his future love slave has been sold and goes on a quest to find her and get her back. But what if she likes the big dick?

Little Cabbage is accused of the murder of her husband. In order to extract a confession the court subjects her to a series of violent methods of torture. Most of the story is told in flash backs, recounting how the story leads to the ultimate gory death of her poor husband (his penis explodes). Along the way we found out about sexual martial artists, lesbian frolicking, adultery, lost love, back stabbing and a very potent aphrodisiac.

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story relates the tale of a young woman, named Little Cabbage, on trial for the death of her husband. You see, due to a rather unfortunate incident involving a too potent aphrodisiac, her overly endowed partner experienced something of a penile explosion.

The massive blood loss involved rending him to the next world. The court, intent on getting Little Cabbage to confess her, perceived sexual sabotage, sets about a questioning and evidence gathering session using the five tortures of the Qing dynasty

As the punishments and tortures rack up, Little Cabbage’s story is divulged through flashbacks: her sale to a young landlord by her poor family, the sexual gymnastics witnessed by her within his domicile, her discovery of his cheating wife, and her subsequent contractual marriage to her former partner.

But even as the evidence to the contrary mounts up, the court remains intent on her confession. In that timne in history, it was believed that the only way to get the truth out of a peasant was through torture. The autorities didn't think that they where capable of telling the truth. Can Little Cabbage prove her innocence, or will the sick torturers send her to her grave.

My Scenario:

Shaw: aka Little Cabbage is buck naked and sitting, on a floor, in a cell. It is cold and dirty, she can hear screams comming from outside her cell. Her hands are over her ears trying to block out the screams. Two burly guards stand outside the cell. A short court official comes up to these two men. "Bring her to the magistrate’s chambers. He wishes to interrogate her."

One of the guards opens the cell door and they enter. "Come with us."

Little Cabbage is squatting on the floor, trying to cover her nakedness up. She shakes her head know. "No. This isn't right. I'm innocent."

They bend over and lift to her feet, they have no trouble what so ever in lifting her small frame. Dragging her out of the cell and along a long corridor. "Get your hands off me. This can't be right. I'm innocent." Do you hear me, I'm innocent."

She is dragged into0 the magistrate’s chambers. The two guards are holding her off the ground and she cannot cover herself up. The magistrate is looking at her. "Are you going to confess to your husband’s murder?"

She kicks at one of the two guards holding her, barleyissing his balls. "No, never. I wasn't the one who gave him the aphrodisiac. It wasn't me."

The magistrate claps his hands together and from an anteroom, two other guards carry a spanking bench into the room. Little cabbage is struggling frantically. She knows what’s about to happen to herself.

The spanking bench is a round barrel, about three feet off the ground and three feet in diameter. It has two leather restraints on the front sides for her wrists. The magistrate points to the two guards holding her. "Put her over my bench."

The two guards lay Little Cabbage over the bench and each secures one of her wrists to the restraints. A leather strap is then put over her waist to hold her down. "No, wait. I'm innocent. This isn't right."

Then she sees one of the two guards who brought out the spanking bench is holding a long, 3 foot long leather strap in his hands. "Wh, what is he going to do with that."

The magistrate points to the guard with the strap. "He's going to beat that fine backside of yours until you confess your crimes. Now confess you husband’s murder."

"Noooooo." She is struggling to free herself. But it does no good what so ever. The guard goes and stands behind her. "Wait no, I'm innocent."

Crack. "EEEEEIIIIIOOOOO." Crack. "EEEEEIIIIIOOOOO. Oh god, please. I'm innocent. I won't confess." Crack. "EEEEEIIIIIOOOOO." Crack. "EEEEEIIIIIOOOOO." Crack. "EEEEEIIIIIOOOOO." Crack. "EEEEEIIIIIOOOOO."

As she is being beaten, Little Cabbage screams her lungs out. The pain on her ass is intolerable. She thinks she's losing her mind. The strap makes contact with her skin between her knees and the middle of her back. The guard doesn't concentrate on any one area; He just beats her one after the other.


Little cabbage's ass has turned black and blue and she's only screaming and crying as her ass is beaten even bluer and then raw.

"Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."


As she is being beaten she slowly looses consci0ousness and passes out.

Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack.

When the magistrate realizes that she has passed out, he has the other guard get some ice cold water and throw it on her. Little Cabbage awakens with a start. She has no idea how much time has passed.

She lays there and cries. They have stopped beating her with the leather strap. "Girl, are you ready to confess to your heinous crime yet. She shakes her head no, saying nothing. She hears the magistrate order someone to continue her beating. "Give the strap to another guard. You look tired. We need a fresh arm to continue her interrogation.


Then she feels it start again. The fresh cuts of the strap on her ass are as bad as they were with the other guard.


Little Cabbage passes out again. When she awakens she is laying on the floor of her cell, still naked. But a very sore young woman. She cried long and hard at her plight. No one to help her, no one to save her. At the mercy, or lack of mercy of the magistrate.

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