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Cinema Friday - All Of Me (1984)


All In One - Spanking Scene: Steve Martin Spanks Victoria Tennant


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Roger is called in to change the will of an aging millionairess. He doesn't want to because she's an ouright bitch of a client.

Roger Cobb (
Steve Martin) is a lawyer by day and a jazz musician at night. He loves his double life. His boss refuses to let him do anything substantial unless he decides on what he is. When Roger says what he wants to do, his boss puts him in charge of handling the estate of Edwina Cutwater (Lily Tomlin). He lied to him to keep his day job. What the boss doesn't know won't hurt him, or so he thinks.

She has made arrangements for her soul to be 'captured' and transferred into the body of a younger girl, Terry Hoskins (
Victoria Tennant). After an argument about the will, the millionairess dies, but her spirit somehow lands in Rogers’s body

When rich, eccentric Edwina Cutwater died, a crazy guru tried to transport her soul into the body of a beautiful young woman. But the guru goofed. And Edwina's soul has accidentally taken over the entire right side of her lawyer, Roger Cobb. He still controls what's left. Now, Edwina and Roger are living together in the same body. He's losing his job. He's losing his girlfriend. And he just can't seem to get her out of his system. No matter how hard he tries.



Watch All Of Me Online: In Ten Sections

ABC edited 3 minutes from this film for its 1987 network television premiere of All Of Me. Gee I wonder what 3 minutes those fascists edited. Do you think it was the harder spanking scenes?

Phil Alden Robinson and Henry Olek adapted the script from Edwin Davis novel Me Too.

Steve Martin was honored with several critic's awards for his work in All Of Me.

All Of Me is completely credible, thanks to Steve Martin's remarkable body language when conveying the notion that he's two different people with two different sets of emotions and gestures. Though the circumstances of the plot won't allow Martin to connect with the lovely Tennant, in real life things were different: the two costars were married shortly after filming wrapped. They where married from 1986 till 1994, when they divorced.


  • Continuity: Once Edwina's soul has entered Terry Hoskins's body, it makes no sense that she would still have a British accent. Victoria Tennant masks her accent immediately after the event, but lapses back into it when she says, "I love it when you talk like a beer commercial."
  • Revealing mistakes: When Edwina (through Roger) declares that Terry needs a spanking and she happily consents, her derriere is already red from previous takes.

My Scenario:

Roger Cobb and Terry Hoskins check into a hotel room, so that Terry's sole can have the memory of sex, one last time. Before Edwina Cutwat6er fully engulfs and takes over her body. Right now Edwina's sole is co-habituating Roger's body and it so much wants to be in a good looking, young woman's body. That being Terry's

There are looking at each other. Roger says. "We have to be very, very quiet."

"Sure, whatever." Says Terry. They then begin to strip out of their cloths, which they do in quick order. Both being horney as hell.

Terry gets up on the bed. "I'm ready Mr. Cobb, take me, have me, do what you want with me."

Roger jumps up on the bed and starts to caress Terry, as he is he can hear in his head Edwina. 'What's going on. What are you doing to her?'

He thinks. 'Nothing, none of your business.'

Roger gets up on his knees and is Edwina's voice he starts to call Terry all kinds of name. "Why Miss Hoskins, you're a flirt, you're a whore. How dare you violate my body."

Terry doesn't know its Edwina and not Roger. "Oh yes, that's it talk dirty to me Roger."

Terry turns over on her stomach and gets up on her knees. "Oh yes Roger, spank me, paddle me. I'm a bad girl."

Roger starts to swat Terry's backside lightly with his hand. That Edwina takes over again. 'You whore, you bitch. You deserve more than just a hand paddling.'

Terry is smiling and enjoying the entire hand spanking. She still doesn't know that Edwina has taken over Rogers movements.

Edwina/Roger stops hand swatting Terry's backside. 'You need more than just a hand used on you. You whore you."

Edwina/Roger goes into the bathroom and picks up a wooden hairbrush off the counter. Terry yells from the other room. "Roger I need you, I want you. I need a spanking. I'm a very bad girl."

Edwina/Roger runs out of the bathroom holding the hairbrush. "What are you going to do with that?"

Edwina/Roger grabs Terry and sits down on the bed. Turning her over his knee. "Roger, no wait. Not for real. I don't want a real spanking. What's going on."

Edwina/Roger says nothing. Swat. Yeeeeeeowch." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch. Roger. Wait, you’re hurting me. Stop. Oh god stop." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch. Roger I thought you wanted me. This isn't right."

Edwina/Roger looks down at Terry. 'You do deserve this, you whore. You unclean whore. This is exactly what you deserve.'

Swat. Yeeeeeeowch." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch."

Terry is blubbering during the spanking. The hairbrush is hurting her lily white ass. At least it was lily white. It's now bright red.

Swat. Yeeeeeeowch." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch." Swat. Yeeeeeeowch."

Roger manages to take over his body again from Edwina. He stops spanking Terry and lifts her up on the bed. She turns over on her stomach and cries from the spanking. It was much too hard for her. The hand spanking she did like, but never the hairbrush.

Terry looks too Roger. "Edwina has taken over your body, now she's going to take over mine."

Roger gets up and quickly dresses and runs from the room. As he leave he yells back. "Never, I won't let her."

He is running down the street and Edwina spots a 19 year old, stacked hottie. 'here grab her, that's the one I want. Then you can have that whore Terry Hoskins.'

Just as Roger is embracing the good looking hottie, he goes down on the ground and grabs her French Poodle. Edwina, before she can do anything goes into the dogs’ body. Edwina screams. "There, now I’m young and gorgeous again."

At that point she looks into the window of a store and sees that she's now a French Poodle. "Noooooo. What have you done to me." She barks. As she has no voice other than the dogs.

Edwin/The French Poodle hears something behind her and there are three of the largest dogs she's ever seen. They sniff at her butt. "Oh, Oh."

Off she runs, with the three dogs in hot pursuit. They want to hump her badly. Roger can still hear Edwin inside his head. Just a remnant. He hears her scream. "Noooooo, get that thing out of me."

He runs along the street to the hotel room. Passing an alley and he sees Edwina/The French Poodle getting gang banged by the three dogs. He now hears nothing in his head of Edwina. Going up to the hotel room where Terry is, he tells her the whole story and she forgives him and they make sweet, long love.

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