Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Olivia Alcocke was sitting in her analysts office, she was laying on her back on his couch. Olivia was articulation her problems to her. "My husband just can't seem to get it up, all that often. My sex life is in taters."

Doctor Philips wrote down something in his notebook. "Well Olivia, perhaps you aren't giving your husband what he wants sexually or personally. Men seem to want to be in control of both their personal and professional life."

Olivia looked to her. "Doctor, just what do you suggest?"

Doctor Philips puts down her note book and looks at her watch. "A few weeks ago you said your husband had threatened to turn you over his knee for something or other. Well might I suggest that, that is what might make him feel that he is in control and will help him in his sex life with you."

Olivia sits up. "Doctor Philips, don't you think that is a little radical. When I was a child I didn't like being spanked by my mother. Now that I'm 32 years old, I don't think I'll like it any better."

"Olivia my dear, I can tell you from personal experience that a spanking as a child and one as a mature adult are two totally different experiences."

The little alarm went off, indicating that their session was over for that week. :Olivia, try it. I know my sex life is marvelous. My boyfriend knows who the boss is and I know that he respond better in bed for it."

Doctor Philips stands up, Olivia follows. "Now I'll see you next week my dear. Try it once. We can talk about what affect it had on you, next week."

Olivia leaves the office and rushes home. As she drives home she thinks about what her analysis said to her. She would try it on William, her husband, that evening.

Olivia stopped of to do a little grocery shopping. She also stopped off at that Thai chicken place and got dinner, as she did every Thursday when she went to see her analysis. When she got home her husband was already home. She decided to wait until after supper. She put the grocery's away and her and William ate dinner. They made small talk during dinner and after dinner he went out to the living room and read, she washing the dishes.

She fidgeted with some stuff in the kitchen as she slowly made up her mind to see if being spanked would help their sex life. Then she boldly did what she wouldn't have even thought of two weeks earlier. No not two weeks, just 8 hours ago, it was the farthest thing from her mind.

Olivia went out into the living room and knocked the book out of her husbands hands. It fell to the floor. He takes a puff on his pipe and looks up to her. "Olivia Alcocke, what's gotten into you? What do you think you're doing?"

She sat down on his knee and mussed up his hair. "Olivia."

She wiggled her behind on his knee. Knowing that it probably would be the last time that evening she'd be able to sit on it without being in pain. "William, my analyst told me today that to spruce up our sex life, I should let you spank me. What do you. ..."

Before she could get the entire sentence out of her mouth, she found herself laying over his knee. It was like he was expecting her to say it. Like he knew he would ask him to spank her.

Whack. "OOOOOO." Whack. "OOOOOO. Oh Willie let me get ready." Whack. "OOOOOO." Whack. "OOOOOO."

He didn't slow down. But he did raise her dress over her waist. She found that her thong panties weren't of any protection at all. It was painful, but she found that her entire body was feeling this tingly feeling. She started to feel wet between her legs.

Olivia looks back at her man. "Something tells me you bribed my analysis!"

He smiles. "Oh that woman. I'll get her for this."

Whack. "OOOOOO." Whack. "OOOOOO." Whack. "OOOOOO." Whack. "OOOOOO."

Olivia actually orgasmed part way through the spanking. She was rolling around on Williams knee. He didn't seem to be spanking her that hard.

Whack. "OOOOOO." Whack. "OOOOOO." Whack. "OOOOOO." Whack. "OOOOOO."

As soon as she realized that the spanking was over, Olivia stood up and looked at her husband. He also had cum. There was a wet spot in his crotch. She took off her panties. He turned her toward the bedroom and swatted her tail. Swat. "Ouch."

That swat was a bit harder than the rest of the spanking. She turned around and rubbed her backside. "Not so hard William."

He bent over and hoisted her on his shoulder. As she was being carried down to their bedroom she playfully protested. "William, put me down I can walk."

Then she felt it. Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

She looks back at him. In his hand he had a flyswatter. Where it had come from she couldn't imagine. But she kept her mouth shut.

Once in the bedroom, they stripped naked and she had the best sex that she ever had. Her body went places that it had never gone before. Her mother hadn't told her about what she went through. She orgasmed three times. It was great.

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