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I got the two nurse images from the blog Behind The Barred Window. I then wrote a story about them, plus two other images I have.

Franceen and Abner Hogan drove along Pine Street and turned into their driveway. They have just arrived back from their second honeymoon. Married 25 years and still in love. They were married in 1935 and haven't been apart except for the three years that Abner was in Europe during World War II.

Franceen leaned over and kissed Abner. He put his hand on her knee and rubbed it up her leg until his fingers touch her panties, covering her pussy.

Franceen reaches down and slaps his hand. "Abner, not here. Someone may see us. Didn't you get enough at Lake Wannaker?"

He pulls his hand away. "I never get enough of your body. Not even after all these years."

They were still in love, but both still a bit sexual oppressed. At least Franceen seemed to be. Abner would do it anyplace. Have sex that is.

The two got out of the car and Franceen went into the house. Abner got the bags out of the trunk and headed inside. As he went into the front door, he hears his wife scream. "Oh my god Twilla. Oh no."

Abner drops the bags on the floor and races into his daughter Twilla's bedroom. There stands Twilla, bent over at the waist and grabbing her ankles. There is a handcuff on each wrist and ankle. There stands Indigo, her long time and bestest girlfriend. Indigo is holding a riding crop and wearing a corset, long black gloves, black stockings and holding a long riding crop.

Indigo screams and drops the riding crop. She grabs her dress and very quickly puts it on. She looks at Twilla. "Oh god Twilla, I'm so sorry. But I just can't stay. I'm so humiliated. Your father saw me naked. It's just awful."

Indigo runs from the room. Twilla looks between her legs and yells. "Indigo, don't leave me like this. You've still got the keys to the handcuffs."

Twilla is bent over and wearing a corset, boots and black stockings and nothing else. He mother looks down at her bent over and without saying a word swats her daughter on her backside.

Swat. "OOOOOO."

Abner crouches down and grabs his daughter’s wrist. He shakes it, thinking maybe the cuffs will come loose. He looks at her face. "Twilla, where are the keys to these things?"

She is sniffling; she knows that she's in deep, deep shit. "Indigo ran off with them daddy."

He stands up and again Franceen swats her tail. Swat. "OOOOOO. Oh mummy no."

Franceen puts her hands on her hips. "From that whore Indigo, you'll take this perverted treatment. I don't know what we'll do with you."

She turns to her husband. "Go to our bedroom and get the key for those cuffs that you use in your magic act at the lodge every year."

He leaves and goes to get the key. As he walks down the hallway he hears Twilla screech. Mummy, oh god mummy no."

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Abner returns with the key and first undoes one handcuff from an ankle and wrist and then undoes the other handcuff from her ankle and immediately before Twilla realizes what’s going on, he cuffs her wrists together behind her back. "D, Daddy what are you doing?"

"Young lady, while I was getting the key to my magic set handcuffs, I decided to take you to Doctor Fishers Sanitarium. He'll know what to do to get this perverted sexual deviance out of that head of yours."

Twilla started to struggle in the cuffs. She knew about this Doctor Fisher. She had read an article about him in the Sunday supplement of the newspaper they get. He had a small sanitarium that dealt with nymphomaniacs of something or other and could cure any deviance out of people.

Twilla shivered. "Daddy you’re not."

She looks at her mother. "Mummy, you wouldn't let daddy put me into a place like that? You won't?"

Franceen turns to her husband. "Abner, do you think that's necessary."

He turns his head to her. "Yes I do. It'll cure this deviance and lesbianism out of her or kill her."

Abner points to his daughter's cloths closet. "Get her big winter coat. It'll hide the way she's dressed."

Franceen goes to the closet and out comes the coat. Twilla is starting to cry. She's scared to death at the thought of being committed to a sanitarium and what they'll do to her. Franceen puts the coat over Twilla's shoulders and Abner escorts the crying Twilla out to the car. The three then head off to the Fisher Sanitarium.

Abner knows that Frank Fisher will help him and his wife out, as Abner and Frank are long time friends, war buddies and lodge brothers.

All the way to the sanitarium Twilla cries. "Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."

Once at the sanitarium, it's only a matter of an hour before Twilla has been committed for her sexual perversion. Or sexual perversion as Abner and Franceen see it, as well as Doctor Fisher.

Twilla is sitting there is a large room, with only two doors in it. When a nurse walks in. Twilla immediately stands up. The nurse comes over to her. They are the only two people in the room. Twilla's handcuffs have been removed. "Hello Twill I'm Nurse Wiggins, I'm to process you and get you a room to sleep in. Now the first thing we have to do is strip you. Now strip."

Twilla shakes her head no. "No I won't. I want to go home."

Nurse Wiggins bends over and undoes the zipper on the back of Twilla's boats. She says again. "Now strip young lady."

"No." Again she shakes her head no."

Nurse Wiggins walks over to a door and opens it. Butch, Carson, come in here I need your help."

Nurse Wiggins turns around and goes back to Twilla. Then two of the biggest men Twilla has ever saw come in. Twilla standing there in her corset puts her hands up in front of her tits and crotch. "What are they going to do?"

"Hold her while I strip her." Twilla backs up and few steps.

Shaking her head no. "Oh no, oh they can't touch me. It isn't right."

Neither man says a word as they grab Twilla by her arms just below her shoulders. She struggles. "Oh my. Get your hands off me. This isn't right."

Nurse Wiggins then strips poor Twilla buck naked. First her boots, than her stockings and finally her corset. Twilla struggles, kicks and screams as she does.

Once naked, Nurse Wiggin’s points at the two men. You two get out. I'll handle her from here on."

The both leave. Twilla has crouched down into a ball. She’s crouched down naked. "Stand up Twilla and we can take you down and get you bathed."

Twilla shakes her head back and forth. "No, No, No, No, No, No." Is all she says.

Nurse Wiggins walks over to a cabinet and takes out a ping pong paddle and goes and stands next to Twilla. She bends over and grabs Twill by the ear and lifts her up, sitting down in a chair. Twilla falls over her knee. She immediately understands what's going to happen. She's to be spanked.

Twilla puts her hand over her ass and Nurse Wiggins grabs Twilla's wrist and pulls it aside. Twilla tries to get up. But Nurse Wiggins has clamped her arm over Twilla's waist and holds her down.

Raising her arm in the air, Nurse Wiggins brings the paddle down on Twilla's bottom.

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Noooooo" Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Stooooop." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Oh god stop this, it hurts. I'll do as I'm told. I will. I truly will."

Twilla is now blubbering like she would if she was 11 and got spanked. "Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa, Whaa." As Nurse Wiggins tans her ass. She liked it when Indigo would paddle her, that was sexual and wasn't anywhere near as hard. But this beating was worse than she'd ever gotten.

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Nurse Wiggins stops the paddling and rests the paddle on Twilla's bright red ass. "Now Twilla, when I let you go, are you going to behave and do as I say. Or do I have to give you another 10?"

At first Twilla says nothing, she's blubbering from the spanking. Crack. "EEEEEIIIIIOOOOO. Oh yes, yes. I'll behave. I'll be such a good girl."

Nurse Wiggins lets Twilla up and she continues to cry. Nurse Wiggins takes Twilla, crying her eyes out, to the door the two men came through and through it they go. Twilla into a nightmarish world of beatings, ice cold baths, oral sex, electro shock, rapes and pain the likes of which she would have nightmares about for the rest of her life.

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