Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Governess And The Sleepy Head

Georgina Maith had been a governess for many a year, but she had been hired by Roger Paulson to teach his strong willed daughter Patricia. Patricia had been given a schedule for the morning that Georgina has set up for her.

This schedule for the morning was:

8:00 - Get Up And Clean Herself Off.
9:00 - Breakfast.
10:00 - Study English History.
11:00 - Study Biology.
12:00 - Study Etiquette.
1:00 - Lunch.

Georgina got up at 9 and went to breakfast, expecting to find Patricia there eating her full, but didn't. So she went in search of her. She first looked in the study, where she was to study in the morning. "Patricia. Where are you?"

Georgina then went to Patricia's bedroom and entered her room, she found Patricia sound asleep. "Patricia." She yelled.

There was no answer. Georgina thought that there might me something wrong. She went over to the girl and felt her forehead and found it normal. She picked up her arm and felt for a pulse. She found it and dropped the arm. Shaking her head. The girl wasn't sick, only asleep.

Georgina shook her awake. "Wake up young lady."

Patricia swung at her. "Go away, I'm trying to get my beauty sleep."

Georgina shakes her again. "Get up young lady, you know your supposed to be up at 8. Now get up."

Again she swung at Georgina. "Leave me alone. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE."

Georgina reaches down and grabs a hold of Patricia's arm and ear, pulling her out of the bed. "Get up, young lady. I'll have non of this talk and you'll not yell at me."

Patricia was rudely pulled out of her bed. She swings her fist at Georgina. Hitting her in the shoulder. "Ouch." Georgina's hand goes up to her shoulder. Patricia had given her quite the hit and she had let go of her.

Patricia starts to crawl back into bed. Swat. "Ouch."

Patricia shoots up on her knees on the bed and her hand goes over her backside. She looks at Georgina. "What the fuck, do you think your doing."

Georgina gasps and puts her hand up to her mouth. Such language coming from a young lady. Georgina decided right there that she was going to have to take Patricia in hand. She grabs her by the ear and pulls her off the bed. Patricia starts to swear again. "Fuck, what do you think your doing?"

Georgina shakes her head, as she pulls Patricia over to a sofa. She sits down and turns the protesting child over her knee. "What do you think your doing?" Let go of me this instant. I'll have my father fire your ass."

Georgina is still shaking her head at the language she's using. Up goes Patricia's dress and down goes her panties. "Let me up this second. What do you think your doing?"

As Patricia tries to stand, Georgina pushes down on her waist. "Child I think I'm about to give that foul mouth backside of yours a well needed spanking. One you've probably needed you entire 18 years."

Patricia is struggling over Georgina's knee. Kicking her legs and wiggling her ass, in hopes of freeing herself. Then to her horror, the first spanking in her entire life begins, but not the last by any means.

Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch. Of stop this, stop this. For Christ sake, stop this." Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch. Oh god, I'm going to have you fired and jailed for this indignity. I will, do you hear me, I will." Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch."

Georgina didn't stop tanning Patricia's backside. She hit her harder, the longer the spanking lasted and the more she protested. Patricia's backside was turning bright red and she was blubbering, as she screamed for her governess to stop the spanking.

"Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."

Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch. Daddy, oh daddy HELP." Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch."

Then the door to Patricia's bedroom opened and Georgina stopped spanking Patricia. Georgina looks up and there stands Patricia's father, Roger Paulson. "Daddy, she's killing me. Stop her, oh god stop her."

Georgina looks down at Patricia's cherry red ass and again continues to spank it.

Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch. Daddy, oh god daddy, stop her." Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch."

Roger smiles. "Good for you Miss Maith. Non of her other governess's had the nerve to do that. They didn't last more than 4 months. I'm glad you've taken my daughter in hand and given her something I never could do. I think you may last past 4 months. Good for you."

He then leaves and shuts the door. Leaving Patricia to her fate, to her horror.

"Daddy, oh god daddy, Noooooo.

Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch." Swat. "Ouch."

Once Patricia's spanking was over, Georgina let her up and she stood there crying, rubbing her very sore backside, crying her eyes out. But to Patricia's further horror, her ordeal wasn't over. Georgina dragged her into the bathroom and washed her very foul mouth out, with the most awful tasting soap.

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Anonymous said...

Georgina Maith can be my Governess, I have been a naughty boy for many years and even know I am 54 I still need a good OTK Spanking. Thank you to all the Women out there who are the disaplines in the home and at work.