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Ginger (1971)

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Director Don Schain cast his wife, Cheri Caffaro, as the sexy heroine of this violent action film. Caffaro, who had won a Brigitte Bardot look-alike contest as a teenager, stars as Ginger, the frequently nude crimefighter who battles a vice ring in New Jersey. The sleazy antics on display include bondage and castration, which proved so popular with drive-in crowds that Ginger returned in The Abductors (1971) and Girls Are for Loving (1973). Cheri Caffaro is built like the proverbial brick shit house and the only reason to atch this movie.

During this film we have learned that Ginger is one psychologically sick young lady. She has many hang ups and needs in her life to work out. She was trying to break up Rex’s gang not because it was evil, but because of the fact that it was doing to others what was done to her by other people throughout her young and troubled life. It was like she blamed Rex and the others for what had been done to her in her life. She could be handled properly by her parents and was a wild child and got into many difficulties that she had probably caused herself. So she tried to blame others instead of her parents or herself.

Some of the women to look for are:
Michele Norris, Cindy Barnett, Lise Mauer, and Linda Susoeff.

When Jason Varone is telling Ginger about the fate of the female private detective who had tried to break the back of the gang they should have said she died another way than she had. He should have said she was found naked, tied to a bed face down on her stomach, gang raped by the gang. She and had been whipped until her back and backside had been beaten literally raw. Then tying a plastic bag over her head finally killed her and while she suffocated to death she had been behind beaten further.

When Ginger strips and then ties Liz up on the beach there should have been a man watching from the sidelines and once the others have left Liz buck naked on the beach he should have raped her. He would have been a fat, dirty bum who wouldn’t have been able to even pay a 2-bit whore to have sex with him. Let alone get Liz sexually. She would have screamed for the others to get back and stop him. But as they left the beach Ginger and have turned around and made a comment about her getting her just reward. She would have said “No get your fucking hands off me, you filthy bastard. No, no, Oh god no, you filthy pig, Noooooo.”

I really don’t imagine that if Rex had even suspected that Ginger was in some way guilty of D. J. ’s death that he would care if she died. He would probably kill her regardless of whether she was guilty, just to be on the safe side. After all it’s not like he couldn’t replace her 50 times over with another young girl. So he’s probably simply going to kill her any ways.

When the last scene of Jason meeting Ginger and her telling him that she was ready to work for him once again there should have been one last scene. One in which Jason tells Ginger that Frederick Bartholomew, Liz’s father wants to meet and thank her personally for rescuing his beloved daughter.

We then go to a scene where Mr. Bartholomew, Jason and Ginger are in his living room. He says to her that if there is anything in the world he can do for her, no matter what all she has to do is ask and it is hers. No matter what it may be. At this point young Liz and her mother walk in wearing bathing suites. Liz in her bikini and her 45 year old good-looking mother in a tight one piece bathing suite. Liz acts unfriendly to Ginger so Ginger takes Mr. Bartholomew aside and whispers to him that she is calling in the favor right away. And she tells him what it is, we do not her what she says to him. He steps back from her a step and says “are you sure that’s what you require” her answering “ most definitely sir.” With his head lowered he answers “okay, I am a man of my word, my promises will be honored no matter what they are, she’s all yours.”

Ginger then walks over to Liz and grabs her by the arm and pulls her over to a sofa, sits down on the arm of this sofa and puts Liz’s screaming over her knee. She then pulls the string tying Liz’s bikini bottom on her and gives her a hand spanking. She says to Liz “that this is something she was sure that she need and one that her parents probably should have given her some years ago.”

While Liz is being pulled over Ginger’s knee the mother tries to step in but the father steps between her and saying “Elizabeth, if you had allowed this when she was younger, it probably wouldn’t be necessary now.” When the father first steps between his wife and Liz, Liz yells “mama in gods name stop her.” Liz’s mother still try’s to get past her husband and stop the spanking of her baby girl. He grabs her and tells her that if she doesn’t stay away he’ll give her too Ginger and have her spank her as well. That’ s when she stands still looking at him in disbelief.

Once the spanking is over Liz stands up and runs from the room crying. Mr. Bartholomew then turns his wife in the direction of the door and tells her to go tend to his daughter, when she doesn’t respond quickly enough he gives her one firm swat on her very nice backside and she then looks at him and walks quickly out the door.

Mr. Bartholomew then turns to Ginger and thanks her for giving the daughter a sound paddling. He then says to her that if she wishes she could go give one to his wife as well. Ginger then smiles at him and says, “No, I think that should be your job.” He then says “Yes I think your right” he turns and heads out of the room. Fade to black.

While the movie credits are rolling you can hear Mrs. Bartholomew saying/protesting “Frederick what do you think your doing, No, oh no Freddie, I’m too old for this, you can’t, of my lord no, please don’t do this.” With Mr. Bartholomew saying “Not from now on young lady will you ever be too old for a spanking.” You then hear the Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, of Mrs. Bartholomew getting her first of many spankings from her husband.


Ginger McAllister (Cheri Caffaro) is a 23-year-old blonde woman born in New York State. She has started to work for one of the top private detective firms in the United States. Ginger has been assigned as her first case the task of breaking up a drug/blackmail/murder organization. Working out of the Brighten, New Jersey area. This gang is quite ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what they want, letting no one or anything stand in their way, not even murder. The mastermind behind this ruthless organization is a local boy by the name of Rex Halsey. He is a rich, self centered, spoiled man in his early twenty’s. He got into this line of work for the thrill of it, not the money.

Jason Varone (
William Grannel), Ginger’s boss and the owner of the private detective agency that she works for, briefs her on the entire operation of this organization. He also tells her that two other private detective agencies have tried to break the back of the organization, one of the detectives from outside the other from inside the gang. Both of the other detectives that went undercover ended up dead. In the first case the man who tried to crack the case from outside was found beaten to death, with his throat slit. The female detective was found naked, tied spread eagle on a bed, and had been raped numerous times. She had been murdered by having a plastic bag tied over her head. The police are unable to get enough information on the gang for a conviction in a court of law.

In the organization that is run by Rex Halsey (Duane Tucker) there are eight people in all. They consist of: Rex, their leader: Rodney (Calvin Culver), who is the head of the blackmail organization: Rodney, a black man who is head of the drug operations: Vicky, Cathy, Jean, and Liz, who each help out Rodney in his blackmail and also sell themselves as prostitutes to make money for the gang. Plus D. J. who works for Jimmy in the drug side of the organization.

During one of Rex’s weekly meeting with his full gang he talks about the drug trade he has, who he gets the drugs from and where they intend to sell these drugs. Jimmy tells him that he has decided to up the anti to one of the women, Allison Carter, that he sells drugs to. He has taken an interest in her white ass and wants to lay her. Rex tells him to go ahead. Whatever he thinks he can get from her. After all he runs that end of the organization and as long as he brings in a profit, who cares what he does.

Ginger manages to break into Rex’s home; hopefully this will get her more information on his gang to speed up the cracking of the case.

Later Ginger goes into a bar to meet some members of Rex’s gang. She finds that this bar has a quaint game, in which any woman can pick any man and she can try to turn him on sexually. The women must do this by trying to turn on the guy. He must stand perfectly still, without moving his hand or any part of his body, with her trying to get him sexually excited. She cannot use her hands or touch him in any manner. Ginger decides to try it on Rodney, as this will be a good way to get to know him. Once she has excited him the game ends. They end up leaving the bar to walk and talk on the beach. They find out that they have many things in common, he asks her out to a dance at the local country club that night and she accepts.

The next day while sun bathing on the beach, the four girls that are in Rex’s gang approach Ginger. They tell her Liz is Rodney’s girl and to lay off him. Ginger makes a bet with Liz, they will fight and the winner gets Rodney, the loser leaves him alone. Liz agrees, but with one stipulation, once the fight is over the looser will be stripped by the winner. Liz and Ginger start to fight, Ginger of course wins. She ties up Liz using Liz’s own bikini. Liz is left on the beach bare ass naked and tied hand and foot.

Ginger is now in with the gang, since she beat up on Liz. I doubt that Liz cares for her thou, since she humiliated her on the beach.

Ginger and Cathy are talking, Ginger tells her to tell her about the gang and she tells Ginger how she'’ not hooked on drugs and desperately wants out of the gang. But is too scared to leave as they'’ surely kill her in some ghastly manner. She begs Ginger to help her. She agrees and tells Cathy to call her at her hotel room and leave a message with her if she is ever in any danger. She also tells Cathy what and who she is.

Later that day Ginger receives a call from Cathy asking her to meet her that night at the beach. As she has some important information to relate to her. When Ginger’s gets to the meet, she finds Cathy dead. Cathy has been stripped, tied up, tortured and eventually killed by placing a plastic bag over her head and allow to suffocate. At this point D. J. pops out. He tells Ginger that Cathy did not talk during torture and that he really isn’t surprised that she is the one that showed up for the meet with Cathy. Thinking that he is man enough to take her, he attacks her. Ginger beats the holly crap out of him, then kills him for what he had done to Cathy.

Ginger rendezvous with Jason. They make further plans on finally busting the gang legally. Jason is worried about Ginger going back into the gang’s hands, as they may know about her through D. J. Torturing of Cathy. Ginger does not think the D. J. was smart enough to have told the gang about what he found about Cathy. Cathy wouldn’t have told the gang anything about her, after all Cathy was a smart girl, she knew she was dead regardless of whether she talked or not, so wouldn’t have talked. Jason allows Ginger a free hand in her dealings with the gang. She decides that it would be okay to re-enter the gang’s domain.

Rex is pissed off and he wants to know who was responsible for the death of D. J. Rex suspects Ginger, but is not sure. He has Jimmy check with the local police, who are on his payroll. In order to have them investigate Ginger’s background. Her cover is safe, as all the police are able to find out is what she says she is, simply a young college girl on spring break.

Rex is partially satisfied and the gang goes about their business as usual.

That night, Ginger’s boss manages to bust Vicky for prostitution. He handcuffs her to the bed and once handcuffed she offers to screw him for free for her freedom. He takes her up on the deal and once through with her he has the state police arrest her any ways. At the same time Jimmy is screwing Allison Carter as payment for her delivery of drugs from him to her. Ginger has also drugged Rodney and tied him to a bed and interrogates him about the gangs operations. She tells him that unless he tells her everything that she wants to know she will castrate him personally. She then strips to show him what he will be missing if he is castrated. Not wanting to loose his manhood he tells her everything she knows and explains the organization of the gangs operations.

Because of the men like Rodney have treated her all of her life she looses her cool and castrates him any ways, as revenge against these other men. Rodney lets out a blood-curdling scream. She does not care if he did talk. He is the same bastard as all other evil men who have treated her so badly.

Back at Rex’s house, he finds out from Liz that Ginger has castrated Rodney. A bellhop from the hotel that Vicky was busted at tells Jimmy about Vicky being arrested by the state police. Ginger finds out from Jason that Liz is getting off because she’s turning states evidence against the gang. She says that it’s too late, she will have to suffer along with the rest of the gang. Jason informs her that it’s Liz’s father who is their employer and she will have to accept the fact that Liz is getting off without any jail time. Ginger having no say in the matter about Liz, then agrees. Ginger decides to go after Rex, even though he knows all about her part in breaking the gang’s organization.

There are only three members of the gang to be taken care of. They are Rex, Jimmy, and Jean. All others are either under arrest, dead, or under protective custody as witnesses.

Ginger calls and sets up a meet with Jimmy and he agrees and he makes the same mistake that D. J. Did. He thinks that he can take Ginger, so he goes along to meet with ginger alone. Once at the hotel she pulls a gun on him and shoots him dead. Before she shoots Jimmy, Ginger tells him how at sixteen she was gang raped by three black men. They left her to die without a care for her life. They had the same ideas about white women that Jimmy holds and like the three men that raped her he doesn’t deserve to live anymore than they do.

Ginger and one of Jason’s other agents, Brad, head out to Rex’s home along with Jason with Ginger and Jason taking one driveway and Brad taking the other exit. They are waiting for the police to arrive and arrest Rex. Jean seeing that the house is being watched thinks that they are surrounded and make a run for it. Jason and Ginger head off down the road in full pursuit of her, leaving Brad to watch Rex alone. Jean is run off the road and arrested by Ginger. Once back at the house, the two find that Brad has been killed, probably by Rex.

Ginger then goes back to her hotel room and finds that Rex is they’re waiting for her. He knocks her out and ties her up. Once she comes to she finds herself handcuffed with only her panties on. Rex then strips her completely and rapes her. Once he is through raping her Rex injects some heroin into her arm. He wants to get her hooked for life on this drug. Jason guns down Rex as he is leaving Ginger’s Room. The last thing Ginger hears as she passes out is the gunshots of Jason Killing Rex.

Ginger is rescued by Jason and she is cured of her heroin addiction and as she is leaving the clinic in a private plane tells Jason that anytime he needs her for a taught case to just give her a call and she will come running.

As Rex is leaving Ginger and just before she passes out from the heroin injection he tells her that in his opinion all she really needs to be a complete and full woman was a real man who wore the pants in their family and would take charge of her.

My Scenario:

Ginger, Jason and Frederick Bartholomew are all standing around in the Bartholomew's living room. Frederick is having a drink of whiskey. "Ginger, my dear I'll owe you a favor for the rest of your life, for rescuing my Liz."

Ginger smiles at him. "That's okay Mr. Bartholomew, its all part of my job."

At this point in walks Liz and her mother, Elizabeth. Liz is wearing a short dress and Louis, her mother is wearing her one piece full bathing suit. Ginger says. "Good day Liz, Mrs. Bartholomew."

Elizabeth Bartholomew says. "Good day Ginger and thanks for
helping Liz."

Liz doesn't say a thing. Instead she turns rudely away from Ginger. The two don't get along, since Ginger had beaten the shit out of her and left her tied up naked on the beach.

Ginger scowls and shakes her head. She leans into Frederick and whispers into his ear. No one hears what she says to him. His head turns. "Are you sure that’s what you want my dear?"

Ginger smiles again and shakes her head yes. "Yes it is."

"Okay, if that's it. Go right ahead."

Ginger walks over to Liz and grabs her by the arm, pulling her over to a chair. "What are you doing to me? Get your fucking hands off me! Mummy, stop her. She's hurting me?

Over Gingers knee goes Liz. She kicking and screaming. "No, you’re not going to spank me. I'm too old and you don't have the right. Mummy stop this?"

Elizabeth goes over to her husband. "Frederick stop her this instant."

Elizabeth then goes towards Ginger and Liz and Frederick steps between her and the two young women.

He shakes his head no. "She's needed this for some time. Elizabeth, if you had allowed this when she was younger, it probably wouldn’t be necessary now.”

When the father first steps between his wife and Liz, Liz yells “Mama in god’s name stop her.” Liz’s mother still tries to get past her husband and stop the spanking of her baby girl. He grabs her and tells her that if she doesn’t stay away he’ll give her too Ginger and have her spank her as well. That’s when she stands still looking at him in disbelief.

Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch. Stop it, you're hurting me." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Ginger has clapped her right arm around Liz's waist and is securely holding her in place, as Liz screams and squirms to try and free herself. Liz's short dress has come up above her waist in the struggle and her thong panties are up her ass crack. Revealing a set of firm ass cheeks.

Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Liz is now blubbering like a ten year old child. She's never in her entire life been spanked and doesn't like it one bit. "Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."

Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch."Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch." Whap. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Ginger finally happy with her results, releases Liz and Liz grabs her backside and runs off out of the room crying. Grabbing her very red and sore backside.

Elizabeth then turns to follow her daughter and Frederick goes after her. From down the hall Ginger and Jason can hear Three good swats on the back of an obvious bathing suite Whap. Whap. Whap.

Elizabeth protests. “Frederick what do you think you’re doing, No, oh no Freddie, I’m too old for this, you can’t, of my lord no, please don’t do this.”

With Mr. Bartholomew saying “Not from now on young lady will you ever be too old for a spanking.” You then hear the Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, of Mrs. Bartholomew getting her first of many spankings from her husband. She screeches and protests even more than her daughter had when Ginger spanked her. Mr Bartholomew is obviously using more than just his hand to paddle his wife.

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