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Emanuelle Around the World (1977)


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Emanuelle Around the World. Sexploitation. Sleaze. Erotica. Whatever label you prefer, Laura Gemser aims to please as Emanuelle. This jaw-dropping shocker depicts a sex slave trade run by depraved U.S. Senators, lesbian liaisons, exotic pets used for erotic ends, and a Kama Sutra academy for girls.

Other women who appeared in the movie are:
Karin Schubert,
Maria Luigia Stefania Pecce, Paola Maiolini, Maria Piera Regoli, Juliet Graham, and Maria Renata Franco.

What I want to know is why the white slavery organization would try to bribe Greta. I know that if I ran this organization I would simply have her abducted and skinned alive in order to keep her quiet. After skinning Greta I'd put the information out on the street as to what happened to her and why. In this way others who may know something would keep out of my business.

Also why would the organization care if Cora's newspaper put any pressure on the local authorities? After all they would be killing the local tourist industry by abducting women and the local authorities would be working to break up and arrest the gang anyway. Nothing is more influential than a loss of tourist moneys. So I'd simply abduct Cora and do away with her in some grandiose manner so others would not bother us. The authorities could try to find us all they wanted, if no one talks who will they arrest. Plus I'd get the pleasure of torturing these two very lovely women.

When Emanuelle is in the room tied to a chair and the Chinese man is questioning her there is a woman who is tied buck-naked over a barrel on her stomach. I would like to have seen Chaing Lee get a riding crop and give this woman a very thorough beating on her ass with the crop, with the woman screaming and begging for him to stop as she has her ass beaten.

When the Emir tries to bribe Emanuelle and Cora to keep quiet about his activities with Casei he fails and lets the two go. No I don't think so. If I was him I would at the very least strip them and give them a very sound whipping and then have them thrown into the deepest darkest prison.

Where I'm sure they would die is short order. At the least I would have them paddled and let go with the knowledge that if they tell anyone about what I was involved with they would be abducted and then flayed alive. After all he did have Casei killed why not them, if he truly wants to keep it all quiet. What is anyone going to do he's the boss, the king the only ruler of Iran. Who could stop him from doing as he pleases.

When this film was originally submitted to the BBFC in the UK in 1978, it was a film version that was cut to run at 87 minutes. When re-submitted for video in 1987, however, the uncut soft-core version was submitted with a PAL running time of 94 minutes (which is 97 minutes for film and NTSC running times) and was cut by 15 minutes, 45 seconds PAL running time (16 minutes, 24 seconds film/NTSC running time), bringing the final running time to 77 minutes, 27 seconds PAL (80 minutes, 41 seconds film/NTSC). It has yet to be re-released on DVD in the UK. When released in the UK on VHS in the 1980's, under the title 'Confessions of Emanuelle', the film was cut by an astonishing 16 minutes. This 'XXX European version' was released on DVD in America 2007. - Also Know As -
  • Confessions of Emanuelle (UK)
  • Emanuelle Versus Violence to Women
  • The Degradation of Emanuelle (video title)
  • Emanuelle - Perché Violenza Alle Donne

Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is a very lusty and attractive young woman who enjoys the finer things in life, like hopping into the sack with any willing young man or woman. She is presently making love with a handsome truck driver (Paul Thomas) who works for the Ivory Van Lines. They are in the back of his semi-truck on a bed that he is to deliver to his next delivery. They are in San Francisco, California. Emanuelle is one of the best photojournalists in the world. She works out of as New York City newspaper.

Once Emanuelle and the Ivory Van Lines truck driver
are through making love he drops her off at the Sheridan Hotel in San Francisco. Once at the Sheridan, Emanuelle meets up with a close friend Cora Norman (Karin Schubert). Cora herself works for a rival newspaper and is one of its top reporters. Emanuelle then checks into the hotel, that her newspaper reserved a room for her. Once Emanuelle is in her room an older man emerges from the bathroom and accuses her of trying to steal his bag. She tells him that it’s her room. He says it’s his room but she can stay in it if she gives him sexual favors. He starts to grapple with her cloths and eventually removes them from her gorgeous body. She is outraged and runs from the room dressed only in a sheet. Outside of the room Emanuelle bums into a man doctor Malcolm Robertson (Karin Schubert). He takes her to a dress shop and she buys some cloths with money that her newspaper had sent to her. They then head out to New York City where they have lunch at a fancy restaurant.

On the way to the airport after lunch a man follow them in another car. Once at the airport Emanuelle notices that the man who had been following them is also there following them. She comments on whom it might be that’s following Robertson but he doesn’t seem to be worried about it.

After another meal
Robertson says he would like to see Emanuelle in the future. He gives her his itinerary for the next couple of months so she will know where he will be and can come and see him when she wishes to. He then departs meeting the mysterious black man who has been following them. The mysterious man then comes over to the car that she is in and identifies himself as Jeff Davis (Don Powell). He is to accompany her home. She asks Jeff who Malcolm Robertson is. She is told that he is President of the United Nations 3rd. World Aid Committee and Jeff is his assistant. They then head out to Emanuelle's home.

Her editor sends Emanuelle to India, she is to investigate an Indian Guru, Guru Shanti, (George Eastman) who has opened up a sex clinic. Once she is at the clinic she finds out that he’s full of shit. Only in it for the money and doesn’t care one bit about anything other than himself, the sex and the money that the clinic will bring him. Emanuelle meets Mary (Brigitte Petronio) a woman who has run out of money and had to leave the Guru’s clinic. But has no place to go. She can not leave India for 2 more days, when her charter plain is scheduled to leave. Emanuelle questions Mary to find out about the Guru and his sex therapy practices. Mary and Emanuelle have lesbian sex.

During her brief stay at the Guru’s sex clinic Emanuelle sees much and participates in most of it. The Guru also makes love to her and she finds out that he’s really impudent and can not perform very well sexually.

Jeff arrives at the Guru’s sex clinic to pick up Emanuelle. As doctor Robertson is very eager to see her. Doctor Robertson and Emanuelle have lunch and talk. She talks about violence against women and that she’s going to write a story about it. Emanuelle telephones her editor Bert. She tells him to contact Cora Normann as she is also working on a story about sexual violence against women. Cora and Emanuelle could collaborate on a story, as they are two of the best investigative journalists in the world. They both will do almost anything to get a story. They talk about what they are presently working on. Cora tells Emanuelle that she is working on a story that deals deeply with white slavery. Women tourists are being abducted and sold into white slavery. Cora is looking for a particular woman by the name of Greta Muller who can help her on her story. Emanuelle is surprised that this type of thing goes on in a modern world. Emanuelle asks Cora to let her help out and they both agree to pool all their resources.

They eventually find Greta and she explains to Emmanuelle that foreign tourists are picked up by a man gotten drunk than abducted into a white slavery ring. She also tells her that the white slavery gang once tried to bribe her into silence. But it didn’t work. Emanuelle is going undercover as a tourist in the area that the gang operates out of. Emanuelle allows herself to be picked up by two men that Greta suspects work for the white slavery gang. She is wined, dined and eventually abducted into slavery.

Cora while in her hotel room is worked over by a member of the white slavery gang. They are going to stop her from investigating them and their organization. They agree hesitant about killing or abducting her for her newspaper could put a lot of pressure on the local authorities to solve her murder or abduction.

Emanuelle and a friend are taken to a house where the white slavery gang is holding other women. Emanuelle and the other women are forced to strip. They are told that if they behave themselves they will be freed in the morning. But Emanuelle knows that. This is only a ruse to keep them docile. They are blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs and put into a room with three other women and left alone in the dark. Not that the darkness means anything to them for after all they have been blindfolded.

A man who was following Emanuelle calls the police about Emanuelle’s abduction. He works for her. The leader of the gang tries to rape Emanuelle but is unable to even though she is tied up and blindfolded. He can not function sexually and he finally rapes another woman from the rear


Emanuelle and two of the women who had been abducted by the white slavery gang emerge from the police station, free women. The white slavery gangs house has been raided and those inside arrested with the women being rescued. The women leave the police station and they all hope that the gang will pay for their crimes with a severe jail sentence. Emanuelle thanks the man who called the police. She then heads out on a motorcycle with him. They end up on his father’s yacht. Emanuelle and the man hide in a closet when two women come aboard. One of the women is the man’s stepmother and the other is her maid. The two women have sex while Emanuelle and her companion watch.

Emanuelle meets with Doctor Robertson and they walk and talk about her job and the white slavery gang that she has been investigating. They then part company.

Emanuelle then goes to visit with Cora. Cora tells her about being visited by some members of the white slavery gang and how they beat the crap out of her. Cora and Emanuelle are still going to pursue the members of the white slavery gang. Cora has found out where the gang is holding Greta, who was abducted. They will head out to Hong Kong and hopefully rescue her from this ruthless gang of white slavers.

Emanuelle questions a waiter at a restaurant about the whereabouts of Chaing Lee. He isn’t there at that time but a waiter is. She tries to bribe him to find out where an Elsa Brown is as she is supposed to be in Macao. He doesn’t want to tell her but if she leaves her address for her hotel he’ll give it to one of Elsa Brown’s men he does have contact with and he will deliver the message and she can contact Emanuelle if she wishes. Emanuelle leaves the restaurant and is abducted off the street by three men while Cora is following her. Emanuelle is then taken to see one Chaing Lee the owner of a restaurant.

Emanuelle has been tied to a chair. There are two other women in the room with Emanuelle and the Chaing Lee. They are both naked one is spread eagle on her back the other is bent over a barrel on her stomach. Both are tied securely in place. The woman on her back has a snake put between her legs and it violates her vagina.
Cora has lost Emanuelle when three men abducted her. But she does show up at Chaing's restaurant and questions the waiter. She threatens him and the waiter tells her where Emanuelle has been taken. She has been taken to a gymnasium owned by Chaing Lee and she heads out to the gymnasium to find Emanuelle.

Emanuelle sees Chaing let his dog screw the woman who is tied face up on the floor.

Cora shows up at Chaing Lee’s gym and rescues Emanuelle and the other women. One of the women is told to go telephone the police and tell them where they are and why. But before the police can arrive Emanuelle and Cora question Chaing. He will not talk at first but they threaten to strip him, tie him up and allow the dog to screw him up the ass. He protests that it’s not natural and in the end tells them everything that they want to know.

Emmanuelle and Cora head out to Macao. The two women eventually find Elsa on Macao and convince her to tell the higher ups in the white slavery gang that Cora and Emanuelle want in on what the slavers are up to.

Emanuelle and Cora go to Tehran, Iran to meet with the white slavery gangs contact man. Mr. Adam and another man pick them up at the airport in Iran. Once in the car they are taken to the Emir’s palace (Gianni Macchia). Casei (Marino Masé) the boss of the gang has found out that Emanuelle and Cora are journalists working on a white slavery case. He has warned the Emir about them. Cora and Emanuelle meet Casei's Assistant a woman. As another woman is being removed from the Emir’s palace. She is still groggy from a huge party the night before. Casei’s assistant does not like being there and would do anything to get away from him. Cora tells her who they are and says that they will make a deal with her. If she tells them everything that they want to know about the white slavery organization they will help her flee her present predicament and protect her form the gang. The man ultimately in charge of the whole gang is Casei.

The Emir doesn’t know what Casei is doing in his palace. Once in the Emir’s harem Cora starts a fight with Fenona one of the harem girls. Emanuelle looks on as the guard burst in and breaks up the cat fight. This fight is only a ruse by Cora so Emanuelle can get past the guard’s and out the door. She then starts her investigation of what goes on at the Emir’s palace in relationship to the white slavery organization. She sees many orgies and takes many pictures as she wanders through the corridors and rooms of the palace. She eventually goes to see the Emir. To get into the Emir’s presence she tells the guard’s that Casei ahs sent her to pleasure the Emir.

Once she is in to see the Emir, Emanuelle explains all that she has been able to find out about the white slavery organization, to the Emir. The Emir then sends for Casei and Emanuelle continues to talk to the Emir. As it turns out the Emir does know what Casei is all about. He has been ignoring the ways in which Casei procures the women for him. Cora and Casei arrive at the Emirs rooms. The Emir sends Casei out to hunt some gazelles for him; he is to be killed while hunting.

The Emir tries to bribe Emanuelle and Cora to keep quiet about what they have found out about him and Casei. Their perspective countries are to get good oil price agreement if they do not write their story. They appear to agree.

Kadam is also arrested.

The Emir makes love to both women at the same time. Once he is finished with Emanuelle and Cora the Emir talks to Doctor Robertson over the telephone. He thanks Doctor Robertson for his help in organizing a conference on oil. Emanuelle and Cora then come in to see the Emir again. He tells them that doctor Robertson found out about Emanuelle and Cora’s captivity and helped to get them set free.

Emanuelle meets with Doctor Robertson; Davis gives her a clue for her next assignment. An influential American Senator, Paul Lesingting. He is mixed up in something shady. He doesn’t know what but Emanuelle is pleased about the information. Emanuelle and Cora are collaboration on the Senators case. Emanuelle and Cora meet with Phil Mortenson. He’s the senator’s assistant. They then meet with the senator himself and a group of his friend’s men and women. They all head out to a party. Once they are alone in a secluded park one of the women strips out of her cloths and is eventually gang raped by a group of street bums. The bums pull a gun on the senators group with the senator and his group beating a hasty retreat. Emmanuelle and Cora also try to get away in order to call for the police. Cora manages to get away but the bums catch Emanuelle. Emanuelle is forced at gunpoint to give the leader of the bums oral sex.

The police show up and take the rape victim to the hospital. The police take everyone’s statement. Cora and Emanuelle leave the scene.

Emanuelle and Cora write the story about the white slavery organization and its front-page news. The television stations eventually pick up on it as well.

Emanuelle and Doctor Robertson meet on his yacht and they have a lot of fun for a few days. Eventually they sail of into the open sea to who knows where or what adventures, or dangers for Emanuelle.

My Scenario #1:

Emanuelle has snuck into Chainge Lee's headquarters. She is walking slowly and as quietly down a hallway as she can. She rounds a corner and passes a doorway. From behind her, she feels a gun touch her head. "Well weel Emanualle, you've finally arrived."

Emanuelle stops dead in her tracks. "Move foreward my dear. Throuh that opening at the far end of the corridor."

Emanuelle slowly walks down the corridor, she doesn'r know what to expect. Swat. "OOOOOO."

She feels a mans hand swat the back of her dress. "Move it bitch."

Emanuelle hurries along the corridor and into a large room. In it are a number of apperatuses. That Emanualle has no idea what they are for. Except for two of them. There is a woman laying on her stomach on a roundish bench and another woman laying on her back on the same kind of bench.

Swat. Emanuaelle says nothing with that swat on her backside. "Sit down in the chair, my dear."

She sits down. She knows that to do otherwise might mean that she'll get her head blown off by Chaing Lee's gun. "Well my dear. Just what are you doing here?"

Chaing Lee then proceeds to tie Emanuelle up in the chair. Once she is tied up, she cannot get free. Chaing Lee puts the gun in his waist. "Emanuelle, I've been expecting you. Now what is it you want from me."

Emanuelle doesn't answer. Crack. "OOOOOO." He backhands her across the face.

Chaing Lee walks over and takes a small dog whip down off a peg in the wall. "I know what might loosen that tongue of yours."

He walks over to a door and opens it. He lets out a German Shepard dog. The dog Immediatelly runs over to Emanuelle and sniffs between her legs. She tries to close them. Chaing yells. "Adolph, over here."

The dog runs over to him and then to the woman laying on her back, he sniffs her pussy and mounts her. As the dog is fucking that woman, Chaing goes over to the other women and rubs her bare back. He steps back from her and begins to whip her bare ass.


As Chaing whips the poor woman, Emanuelle is struggling to free herself. For she knows that she may be the next one to be beaten or fucked by the dog. Either one she will hate.


The woman being beaten just screams as the whip peels her hide off her backside and lower back. Chaing doesn't stop or listen to her screams. He just beats her unmercilichly.


Once that Chaing is through beating the unknown woman, Chainge walks voer to Emanuelle, on his way he puts the dog back in it's lockup and hangs the whip back up on the wall.

Once he is standing in front of Emanuelle, his hand goes between her legs. "I think my dear that you may be readdy to talk now. Emanuellestruggles in the chair. "Fuck you, you bastard."

As he continues to rub her pussy. "Eventually you will my dear."

Then out from around the door, steps Emanuelle's friend Cora Norman, she's got a gun in her hands. She puts it to the temple of Chaing. "No you ass whole, I think it will be you who is fucked by the dog. Now untie my friend."

Emanuelle and Nora find out all they want from Chaing. They only have to threaten to do to him with what just happened to the two woman he has tied to the spanking benches.

Scenario #2

Emanuelle and Cora are standing before the Emis. The man who litteraly holds their fate in his hands. "Well you two have uncovered a fine kettle of fish in my kingdon, haven't you?"

Emanuelle is the first to speak up. "Yes we have and the newspapers are going to love it."

The Emir tries to bribe Emanuelle and Cora to keep quiet about what they have found out about him and Casei. Their perspective countries are to get good oil price agreement if they do not write their story. Cora is the next to speak. "No Emir, we have an obligation to our readers to tell them the truth.

The Emir turns and yells something in Iranian. Neither of the women know what he said. But they find out what was said. Four of the biggest guards they've ever seen come out and two grab each of them. The women prostest mightely. "Get your hands off me."

Emanuell manages to kick one of them in the balls. He backhands her across the face. The two women are dragged off.

The Emer eats his lunch, after the two women where dragged off. After lunch, he goes to his dungeon. When he enters the dungeon. There lay Emanuelle and Cora. They are buck naked and laying over a spanking bench on their stomachs. They are just like the woman that Chaing Lee had whipped earlier. "Emir Hassian, what do you think your doing to us. We are American's and have our rights."

He walks overt to them and rubs each of their backsides with his hands. "I'm going to convince you that telling the world what was going on in this kingdom is something that shouldn't be done."

In walks one of the guards who had stripped them and restrained them to the benches. He was carrying a very large razor strap. Cora, upon seeing the strap pees herself. "Now ladies. If any word of what has transpires with Cassei leaks out. This will be a pitence compared to what I'll do with those hisdes of yours." Then it began, Emanuelle felt the pain of the razor strap on her backside. and she didn't like it.

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. No, No, Oh god no. Stop this." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Please, we will hold our tongues. We won't tell a soul." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Emanuelle is blubbering. She can't stand the pain. She thought she might be tough enough to, but it just was to painful. Her skin felt like it was being peeled off, one strip at a time as that razor strap made contact with her backside.

"Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah, Whah."

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

Once he was through with Emanuelle, she continued to cry. He glanced over at Cora. She was already crying her eyes out and he hadn't laid a hand on her ass yet. Or more to the point, he handn't laid the razor strap on her ass yet.

He walks over to her. "Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo,Boo Hoo,Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."

As Emir Hassian raises the razor strap over his head, all Cora is doing is crying and saying to herself, No, No, No. He brings the strap down on the fleshiest part of her lilly white rear end.


Emir Hassian finishes the beatings and leave the two women there. They lay there on the spanking benches all night. In the morning they are brought to Emir Hassian. "Well my dears, are you going to release the newspaper story." Both women profess that they won't. They are standing there buck naked. There backsides are black and blue from just above their ass cheeks to just below their ass cheeks. Not one square inch isn't black and blue. They both say they'll never realease the story.

They are allowed to dress and they leave the country. Two sorry young ladies. Two days later Emanuelle is laying on a bed , on her stomach. She is naked. Malcolm Robertson is applying suave to her bruises. "Well did you learn your lesson. After all I did warn you not to get involved with the white slavery ring."

"Oh my yes. But I'm still going to get that type of people. I'll undercover them where ever they are. Cora says she's got the rundown on a little white slavery outfit run out of Japan."

She rolls over on her back, very slowly and Malcolm makes love to her.

As for Cora, she did write the story of the white slavery ring and even wrote a book about it.

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