Monday, October 13, 2008

Dallas (1978-1991) - Victoria Principals Swat

Below is a video, from the Dallas Television series, of Pamela Barnes Ewing (Victoria Principal) getting a swat or two from Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy), they are a bit off camera. ...

My Scenario:

Pamela sits down on the car seat. She winces. "Boy did that smart."

He leans over and kisses her. "If you think that smarts, you don't know the first thing about spankings and what I'm actually capable of doing to the cute little backside of yours."

She looks away. "You wouldn't dare spank me."

He bends over again and puts his hand up to her chin, turning her head towards his. He kisses her again. "Do you want to dare me not to. Make a little bet even."

He then turns and starts to walk around the car to the drivers side. When he's standing in front of the car, she steps out. "No I don't think you would, you're to much of a gentleman to do it."

He stops and turns around, going back to her. He pulls her out to the front of the car, sits down on the hood and turns her over his lap. "Bobby, no wait, I was only kidding."

Swat. "Ooowww." Swat. "Ooowww. Bobby stop this. You're hurting me." Swat. "Ooowww." Swat. "Ooowww."

"Oh bull shit, I think it's your pride more than anything!"

Swat. "Ooowww." Swat. "Ooowww. No it's not, now stop this humiliation."

Bobby stops and lets Pamela up off his knee. She rubs the back of her tight jeans. He turns her towards the passenger car door and swats her backside again. Swat. This time she says nothing. As she walks towards to car, she's rubbing her backside and we get a close up of her tight ass.

Bobby gets in the car and without saying a word, they drive off. As they drive out onto the highway, she says. "I'm having trouble sitting. Drive slower, the bumps hurt."

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Michael said...

Great 'Dallas' clip. If I'm not mistaken that is from the first episode.