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The Collector (1965)


Scene #1 - The Butterfly Collection


Scene #2 - The Abduction


Scene #3 - The Escape Attempt

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Since the movie The Collector (1965) was a major studio production, Columbia Pictures, release. There was no nudity or any real violence. Plus it was made in the day when nudity and violence, in the movies, where 10 years in the future, just for the beginnings of it.

There is only one reason why it wouldn't be shown and that was the ending. According to the Hays Office, in the United States and the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC), in the United Kingdom, no criminals should be seen to get away with their crimes. I can imagine what this movie would have been like if neither of these two organizations had existed. For they ruined many a good movie and denied the general public their civil rights for over 50 years.

The people where denied there right to go and see the movies that they wanted. If the people didn't want to see nudity and violence than the movies with nudity and violence in them wouldn't get made. For the movie industry works on three creeds. Money. Money. Money. But the censors destroy the movie making industries and the public's right to see what they wanted.

According to Samantha Eggar, the ending of The Collector, in fact, is almost illegal, because the Terence Stamp character, Freddie Clegg, gets away with murder, and you weren't allowed to do that in those days. However, John Trevelyan, the censor, who had recently married a woman about half his age and would have been 62, at that time, nodded off during the screening, and never saw the ending of the film. He woke up and signed off on it. Had he been awake, we might have had a very different film, or people might have been arrested.

It could be released and shown in the United Sates because the Hays office was on the decline and the studios had to compete with television. So they where beginning to show reality in their movies. And as any child could tell you, people do get away with it.

- Also Know As -
  • Coleccionista, El Argentina - Spain
  • Obsédé, L' - Canada (French Title) / France
  • Colecionador, O - Brazil
  • Collezionista, Il - Italy
  • Fänger, Der - West Germany
  • Kolekcjoner - Poland
  • Neitoperho - Finland
  • Obcecado, O - Portugal (Original Subtitled Version)
  • Offer For En Samler - Denmark
  • Samlaren - Sweden
  • Syllektis, O - Greece
  • The Butterfly Collector - United Kingdom

Freddie Clegg is a very neurotic London bank clerk and butterfly collector. He manages to win a soccer pool for big bucks. Freddie is now financially secure and or course quits his job at the bank to which he is a clerk. He has a very perverted fantasy sex life. Which he can now carry through on in reality, since he has the money to carry it out. Purchasing an estate in Sussex, which he lays out with a dungeon, and living quarters in the basement. It is for young women that he plans to abduct for his won brand of perverse sexual joy. He is actually much to shy to ask women out on dates, so he must resort to abducting and holding them against their wills.

He then picks out, follows, and when the time is right abducts his first woman. Miranda Grey an art student he has fancied from afar for many years. He truly believes that she will come to love him and live with him on her own once she gets to know him. Once she has been abducted she comes to realize her predicament and knows that the only way to survive and escape is to get on Freddie's good side. She cajoles, seduces, butters him up, or whatever she must do to get out of that hell that she has found herself.

When the time arrives for her to try an escape, she manages to hit Freddie over the head with a spade. She has one flow in her plan, like a lot of people actually killing someone is foreign to her nature so she fails to completely knock him out. He manages to knock her out instead in the melee that followed her initial attack on him. He put her back into the cellar unconscious and heads off to the hospital to have his wound tended too. It is three days before he can get back to Miranda since he was in the hospital recovering from his wounds. She has subsequently died of both her wounds and the fact that she was wet and could not get dry or warm with Freddie gone. He finds her quite dead in the cellar.

Freddie then decides that she really wasn't the girl for him, getting what she deserved for her treatment towards him as well as for trying to escape. She didn't really love or respect him and his needs. He buries the body and happily goes off in search of Miranda's replacement. He decides that a young nurse fits his specifications to a T.

The last thing you see is Freddie stalking her. This new woman is much better for his needs. She's young a caring and loving person. She cares for the sick and will know how to treat Freddie in the custom that he deserves.

My Scenario:
This scenario is what should have happened after Freddie got back from the hospital, after her escape attempt, instead of finding her dead. This scenario should have happened..

Freddie gets back from the hospital and unlike the movie, he finds Miranda alive, she's still in her wet night shirt. "Good my dear, you're still alive."

She is laying on the floor. Freddie grabs her by the ankles and pulls her over to he center of the room. "What are you going to do to me."

Freddie doesn't answer. Instead he ties off her wrists and hauls her up off the floor. As she is being hoisted up she moans. "Oh god, what are you doing."

She finds herself hanging there from a ceiling joist. Her feet dangle about 6 inches from the floor. Freddie rubs his hands down her back and pats the back of her wet nightgown. "No, oh my god no."

Freddie pulls a knife out of his waist and slits her nightgown down the back. He bares he back, ass and legs. "Oh no, please don't do this. I'm sorry I hurt you. I just wanted to get away."

He walks over to a chest and unlocks it. Bringing out a small dog whip. She sees it and screams/ "AAAAAAAAA."

"Please don't hurt me. I'll be good. I will, you'll see, I truly will."

Freddie hasn't said a word to her since getting back from the hospital, where he had his injuries looked after. She is moving her head back and forth. Trying to see behind her. Where Freddie is now standing.


As Freddie beats Miranda, all she can do is scream in pain. The whip is putting welts on her back and backside. The pain shoots through her body and she screams out with each cut of the dog whip.


Miranda passes out. But Freddie, who is now in a frenzy continues to beat her. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack.

Freddie stops beating her ass and goes over to her and finds that she is dead. He then buries her. As he is putting the dirt on her face, the screen goes to black and the next scene shows him stalking a nice young nurse.

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