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Cinema Friday - Love Train For SS (1977)


Video In English - Has Two different spankings in it.


Video In German - This Video Has Only One Spanking.

Video Trailer

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Sandra Mozarowsky is turned over an unidentified mans knee and hand spanked on her bare backside. This is probably the longest spanking ever shown in a mainstream movie. It lasts for several minutes.

Taking all things into consideration, as a movie, Love Train For SS sucks, but taken for what it is a Nazi Sexploitation, firm, it is one of the better movies in this genre. It has all most all you would want, rape, nudity, punishments of all kinds, torture, prostitution, forced prostitution and Nazi's.

Love Train For SS was shot simultaneous with Elsa Fraulein SS by Eurociné
They shot it to get the best bang for the buck, as they had rented an entire train and wanted to film using this train and save money. Probably quite small but luxurious for Eurociné. Same Costumes, vehicles and even some actors. They would save money on everything by using one when the other was being used.

Jesus Franco was scheduled to produce Love Train For SS, but for some reason he was replaced by Alain Payet.

Some of the better built and nude women in this movie, are: Pamela Stanford, Claudia Zante, Madame Caillard, Françoise Quentin, Carole Gire, Erika Cool and Christine De Beaulieu.

There is really one thing wrong with this and all other of the NAZI’s SS women in charge movies. Such as Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, Elsa Fraulein SS, SS Experiment Camp, Gestapo's Last Orgy, Love Camp 7 and others like it. The NAZI’s where old fashioned in they’re treatment of women. Hitler believed the only place that a woman should be is raising a family with as many children as possible. Except for the SS lower echelon women at concentration camps there where no women in there army. They only had these women to be in charge of the women that where in concentration camps. They definitely did not allow women to be officers.

The last scene of the movie should have been done slightly differently. Instead of putting on a show for the Americans Ingrid should have been shown to be the NAZI that she truly is. One of the women should have recognized the American in charge of the American troops. He would have been a Lt. Colonel. The girl who knows him from before the war would have been his wife who he has been searching for wherever he was in Germany during the war.

She would tell him all about Ingrid and he would decide to get revenge on her for the way he treated his beloved wife. He would have Ingrid stripped naked and bent over a special railing inside his headquarter building. He would then use his razor strap on her bottom. Ingrid would get the beating of her life at the hands of this American. Her bottom would be beaten until it was raw. He would then give her to a half dozen of his men and allow them to gang rape her. The last part would be Ingrid being dragged to a room where the soldiers are and thrown into it and the door being closed behind her. Fade to black, with her screaming Oh my god no, this isn't right..

When Captain Groun and his men retake the train from the partisans, the girl that helped the partisans is shot dead. She should not have been killed but taken alive. She would then be strung up with her hands over her head and stripped by Captain Groun. Once naked he would flog her to death with a very prolonged beating using a cat-a-nine tails on her back and backside. She would suffer much and not die fast. Screams would go on long into the day, with her passing out and being revived many times. As the scene closes we would see her back and backside as a bloody mess from her shoulders to just below her ass.


Also Known As (AKA)
  • Captive Women 5: Mistresses of the 3rd Reich - (USA Video Title)
  • Folterzug Der Geschändeten Frauen - (West Germany)
  • Helltrain International - (English Title)
  • Hitler's Last Train - (USA Title)
  • Love Train For SS - (Europe - Video Box Title - English title)
  • SS Il Treno Del Piacere - (Italy)
  • Special Train For Hitler UK - (Video Title)
  • Train D'amour Dour Hitler Belgium - (French Title)
  • Train Spécial Pour Hitler - (France)
  • Tren Especial Para Hitler - (Spain)


It’s 1941 in NAZI Germany, Berlin and Captain Ingrid Shurer (Monica Swinn) works for an SS intelligence officer by the name of Otto Krammer (Frank Braña). She is a Mata Hari type spy who spies on, in and out of bed, various people who are suspected of being disloyal to the 3rd. Right, Her cover is that she is an entertainer who performs in different clubs and at private parties in and around Berlin. An old college friend of Ingrid's, Greta (Sandra Mozarowsky), has come to see her in order to try and get Ingrid to help her father who is in hot water with the NAZI’s, because of his views and outspoken attitude against the NAZI’s and Her Hitler in particular. Ingrid tells her that there is absolutely nothing that she can do to help her father. She could not even help her own father when he was in trouble with the NAZI’s. She tells Greta to show the NAZI’s that she at least is a loyal German and to work towards the end. In that way, she like Ingrid can at least save herself. Greta tells her she could never do that.

Ingrid is at the present time sleeping with an American journalist, John Gill (Roger Darton). He appears to be working for the NAZI’s, but they suspect that he is sending coded messages in his articles back to America. The SS have Ingrid keeping a close eye on him to make sure he is on the up and up with them.

While Ingrid is at a private party given by her boss Otto Krammer, they hear over the radio that the Greater 3rd. Reich has invaded the Soviet Union and is advancing on all fronts. Krammer than announces to the other officers at the party that Captain Ingrid Shurer has been put in charge of a special train that will carry young German women who have volunteered to work as hostesses (prostitutes) for the officers who are fighting against Germany’s enemies wherever they may be. These girls are from the better families in Germany and wish to serve the fatherland in their own ways. They will be in the army in the special entertainment section.

This train with Ingrid and a number of girls on it has stopped outside one of the towns that the SS is fighting in. Ingrid has Rita brought to her, she does not like her because she is countess and thinks that she is better than the other girls are. Ingrid has her remove her cloths and has an SS officer ride her like a horse whipping her ass with his glove. During another party that is being thrown on this special train they hear that some officers have tried to kill Hitler. Otto Krammer is arrested for taking part in the conspiracy to try to kill Hitler.

Because a number of women who had originally volunteered for the special train have left Ingrid is in need of new women to stock the train. They are sent a group of women who where disloyal to the Reich where given a choice death or work on the train. They are all fit to service the German officer corps. Ingrid finds that the SS had Greta’s father hung for his views towards Germany. The train is being turned into a full-blown whorehouse for the rank and file soldiers of the 3rd Reich. Only very special girls are to be left for the officers. Once the train gets to its next stop a group of German soldiers rush the train and start raping the girls. Their officer, Captain Groun (Tony Rödel), chastises them verbally and restricts them to their barracks while not on duty. He tells them that only certain of the girls are for their use.

The train runs into a battle between Germans and some partisans with the partisans seeming to have won. The partisans get onto the train and begin to rape the girls. They are forced to strip with Greta being stripped by one of the men put over his knee and given a very prolonged spanking. Ingrid is forced to act as a horse for the leader of the partisans and he rides her around the room, We find out that one of the girls had helped the partisans take over the train. Captain Groun and his men arrive and shoot all of the partisans as well as the girl who helped them. This is done in a gun battle that follows the Germans arrival. The only partisan that seems to get away is their leader.

The train gets a little to near the front lines and it must be abandoned as the tracks are out in both directions. The girls are put into a truck and they are removed by the German soldiers to a safer location. The officer in charge gets new orders to go back and help defend Berlin as it has been surrounded by both the Americans and Russians. He refuses and is relieved of his rank by Captain Groun. He now has no choice but to obey. He leaves for Berlin with his men. Groun takes Ingrid and her girls towards the American lines, as they do not want to fall into the hands of the Russians. Captain Groun is killed and so are a number of the girls. Ingrid swims across the river Elba. She makes contact with the Americans, the America officer in charge of the Americans (Alain Robin) takes her to the other women who they have captured. Those women who are left have finally been reunited on the American side of the lines.

Ingrid does what she does second best she puts on a show for the Americans. The best thing she does is fuck like a racehorse. For at heart she is only a whore and nothing else.

The last thing we see is the German officer who was last in charge of the train in the audience watching the show. He has managed to infiltrate the American lines. He draws a gun and points it at Ingrid. The movie ends at this point.

My Scenerio:

Lt Colonel Johnson was walking with his Army Ranger Unit. His Sgt Mjr sees four women coming out of the water. He points his rifle at them. "Okay ladies, hold it right there."

The four women freeze in their tracks. Ingrid Shurer looks at the Sgt Maj. "Sargeant, we just escaped from the Nazi. We are from a prison train. They forced us to work as prostitutes."

The Sgt Maj looks at them and decides that they are what they seem to be. "Hodges, search them for weapons."

Hodges searches each of them in turn. The Sgt Maj lowers his BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle.) He and his 6 men escort them back to their lines. They are living out of a deserted farmhouse. Once they are back at the farm house. The Sgt Maj lets them into see his commanding officer Lt Colonel Dan Hommacker. Ingrid Schüler is let in first, the other three stay outside. Guarded by Private Hodges.

Dan is sitting at a desk, he looks up when his Sgt Maj comes in. "What's this Freddie?"

Freddie shoves Ingrid forward. "This one and three other woman say they escaped from a special train, they where apparently being forced to act as prostitutes for the Nazi's."

Ingrid then tells him about the train, she forgets on purpose to mention that she ran it for the Nazi's. Greta hears Lt Colonel Hommacker talking and she recognizes his voice. It is her loving husband. She had went to get her father out of German just before the war and was trapped there, when the Nazi's declared war on the United States.

She bursts into the farmhouse. "Danny, oh god. Danny."

He looks up and sees his wife. Sgt Mjr Freddie Bartholomue turns to point his rifle at her. Thinking that there is something wrong. Dan puts his hand on his rifle and he rushes to his wife and embraces her. "That's my wife Danny." His men where told to look out for her. He didn't really expect to find her alive.

Greta points at Ingrid Schüler. "Danny, she a Nazi SS Captain. He forced me and a lot of other women in prostitution."

Ingrid doesn't quite get the message yet. She doesn't understand that Greta is Lt. Colonel Hommacker's wife. "She's lying. She's the Nazi and is trying to frame me."

Danny gives Ingrid the back of his hand across her face. "Bitch, this is my wife. If she says it's you that's in the SS, then it'll be you."

Sgt Maj Hodges points his BAR at Ingrid. Sargeant. Take her outside and have the men strip the lying bitch. Then tie her face down over the railing. The Sgt Maj takes Ingrid out. Greta and Danny can hear her screaming as the soldiers strip her naked. They cuddle and she cries. Finally free from that hell and back with her man. Safe at last.

The Sgy Maj comes back in after 30 minutes. "She's ready sir."

Danny lets go of his wife and goes over to his kit and gets out his razor strap. He then goes out to Ingride. Helga and the Sgt Maj follow. Helga sees what Danny has in his hands. "Wh What are you going to do with that?"

Danny says nothing. He walks over behind Ingrid and rubs her bare ass. Then Ingrid's real hell begins.

Crack. "EEEEEOOOOOOIIIII." Crack. "EEEEEOOOOOOIIIII. No, No. Oh god please don't." Crack. "EEEEEOOOOOOIIIII." Crack. "EEEEEOOOOOOIIIII. Oh please, it hurts so." Crack. "EEEEEOOOOOOIIIII." Crack. "EEEEEOOOOOOIIIII. I didn't want to do it, but those bastards forced me to run the train for them. I didn't want to be in the SS." Crack. "EEEEEOOOOOOIIIII." Crack. "EEEEEOOOOOOIIIII." Crack. "EEEEEOOOOOOIIIII."

As Danny beat Ingrid's bare ass raw. The other women smiled. Ingrid was finally getting her just deserts. They had been beaten and raped all those times. Now it is her turn.


Finally Ingrid stopped begging and only screamed and blubbered as her bare ass was turned first pink, then red and finally black and blue. Swollen like a watermellow.

"Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."


Ingrid peed herself as she lost all control of her body. No one noticed her peeing. But she did pee.


Once the beating was over. Danny took his wife into the farm along with the two other women. As for Ingrid. She was untied and taken down to the barn, where she was raped by his men. Danny called for a truck to come and pick up the women. They where all taken to a safe place at General Headquarters. Ingrid was put in a cell, the other two women in nice rooms and Helga was taken back to Englend for Danny's older brother. General George Hommacker. He was going there on one weeks leave. Danny joined her on his leave in two weeks.

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