Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sandra Hilder Adventures With United States Navy

I have seen this image for years on and off and have wondered exactly how true it was. I have recently, thanks to the Internet, come across a number of stories about the image. Her stowing away, first appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, April/29/1967. The spanking story followed a few months later.

It was a typical day in the United States navy, the USS Long Beach, a guided missile cruiser, was docked in Sydney harbor. When Sandra Hilder, came aboard for a short visit and was found hiding under the bed of the admiral.

Her American boyfriend, a Coast Guardsman. Bernard Brewster was stationed on the USCG Ice Breaker Glacier. He was from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He wasn't in port at the time. But Australia's favorite stowaway, 23 year old Sandra Hilder, was greeted with a warm handshake, a hug, a huge kiss, and an even warmer spanking when she finally did met her man, some time after her attempted stowaway trick.

It's unlikely that Bernard was into spanking his women. For if he was, her tight pants would have probably come down and more than his hand would have been used. There isn't a person reading this who isn't a dominant in S & M, who wouldn't have yanked down those tight curvy pants. Giving her bare backside the first spanking of her life.

For she said afterwords that not even her father had done that to her. When they met and he finally got the chance to paddle her, he said to her. I've been waiting to do that, said her boyfriend. Her reply was. Even my father never did that, to which her boyfriend replied, maybe he should have.

Sandra is a school teacher and one can only wonder how many of her students she's spanked, before and since, coming to California, USA. For she did come, she arrived in Long Beach on May/03/1967. She had organized with the U.S. media to fly her to California to meet Brewster. Arriving in L. A. she found Brewer in Long Beach and soon after found herself over his lap in front of the waiting cameramen. To her horror and probably his and the camera mans delight.

Sandra went to New York and appeared on the Johnny Carson tonight show. Her spanking had made a number of headlines, across the US and probably as far away as her home in Australia. A checkered career followed for Sandra and she now lives somewhere in Australia, under an assumed name. I have no idea what became of Brewster. Did they eventually marry or did she stay single. Not ever wanting a repeat of that spanking again. For once they where married, it would probably have been on the bare backside.

In the small blurb below the newspaper photograph, there are a number of mistakes, she's identified as, 19 year old Wilma Ross and he's Alan Brasch. I had used these names to look for them on the Internet for years. But just happened to stumble on their correct names last week.

If anyone knows any more about Sandra Hilder or
Bernard Brewster, please send me the information. I've looked through the Internet and can't find to much more about her and nothing about him.


Anonymous said...

I remember the Sandra Hilder story from when it happened. I hae to burst your balloon, but she was never a schoolteacher. After the "Girl in the Captain's cabin" story came out she appeared on Don Lane's "Tonight Show" in Sydney. Sandra was a few years older than me and some of my friends knew her from the Parramatta area of western Sydney. She was reputedly a girlfriend of a major hoodlum in the area and might have been smart enough to be a shop assistant. She married an American (Not Brewster) but it did not last. I do not know where she ended up.

Jim said...

I am a dominant and I do what I please. If I want the pants up, they stay up---if I want them down, they stay down. It's my decision to use my hand--or something less painful. Sostop making generalisations!

SPANKOZ said...

Most of this is taken from our Page : .

There is more , but after 45 years , she is entitled to some privacy .