Monday, September 22, 2008

House Of Whipcord (1974)

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The House Of Whipcord is a very good picture, sleaze wise, as far as it goes. However there are a number of scenes that I would like to have seen put into it, that where not in it.

The first and most important is a close up of both young ladies as they are about to be flogged. I would like to have seen close ups of there backs and backsides just before they where to be flogged and just after. It's not like Peter Walker was averse to showing nudity, as he had shown Penny Irving early from the back, quite naked. Her also showed her breasts a number of times. He could have shown her ready for the flogging. I don't expect to see the whip actually landing on her beautiful hide. But a before and an after shot would have been nice.

Another scene I would like to have seen is one in which another young lady is brought into the House Of Whipcord and told to strip. She refuses and they must do what they threatened to do to Ann-Marie De Verney. Strip and bath her themselves. The actual stripping and screams as she was washed would have been quite erotic. It would have added some time to the movie, but who cares.


Expelled from the prison service for her Victorian-style views on how offenders should be treated An ex head matron of a woman's prison and her equally batty judge husband, have set up her own house of corrections for young women whom she feels the courts have treated too leniently. Her senile husband, Justice Bailey (Patrick Barr), who was a judge, still thinks he's sentencing woman to a real jail.

Ann-Marie di Verney (Penny Irving) a young French photographic model who has just escaped with a ten pound fine for doing a nude photo session in Kensington Park, is the main woman in peril in this movie.

At the launch party for the men's magazine. Ann-Marie meets the mysterious Mark E. Desade (Robert Tayman), who seems like another permissive society swinger but has in reality been sent by his mother, Mrs Wakehurst (Barbara Markham) to facilitate the young woman's incarceration.

Desade invites Ann-Marie away to visit his parents in the country but on arriving at the suspiciously stern looking, high walled house the door is unexpectedly slammed shut and two stern-faced warders. The magnificent (Sheila Keith), plays Walker one of the matrons and (Dorothy Gordon) plays Bates another matron, appear and order her to strip.

Nonplussed, Ann-Marie reluctantly complies. Thrown into a cell, she learns the ropes from another inmate, (Ann Michelle) Julia, jailed for shoplifting: First strike and it's solitary, second strike and it's a whipping and a third and you hang. No if ands or butts about it.

Will Ann-Marie escape before her three strikes are up? Will her friends realise the truth about the man who just showed up at their party.


Anonymous said...

Very nice scars on the back from the lewd cattle after her equitably flogging.

Anonymous said...

good film but naturally i wanted to see more floggings!i think the harsh british censor laws prevented them doing that though-the french film 'the story of 'o' was refused a certificate because of its 'whipping scenes'