Thursday, September 18, 2008

Disrespectful Daughter Gets Spanked

Jenny had turned 18 just three weeks previously. She thought she was an adult and would be treated like one. She got a rude reminder of what her mother, Nelly, intended to do to her, even if she was now an adult.

Jenny was in her bedroom with two of her friends. They where watching MTV. The language that this television station used wasn't the type that Jenny's father and mother allowed in their home.

Jenny says to her friends. "Just look at that fuckin bitches ass, isn't it huge. You can only wonder why she doesn't do something to get that fat off."

Sharon replies. "I don't know, my fuckin boyfriend George loves women with fat backsides. Especially when their black. He loves it when they shake they booty's."

Jenny shakes her head. "I don't know, if Rod, my boyfriend, ever told me he liked to see a bitch with that type of ass, I'd leave him in a second. Fuck, he'd be gone in a second."

Then the door bursts open. It was Nelly, Jenny's mother. "Jenny Bernice Johnson, is that the language that you've been taught to use."

Jenny stands up. "Mummy, it's the language everyone uses. All my friends talk like that."

Her mother shakes her head. Not in this house they don't. As for you two." She looks at Sharon and Cathy. "I think I'll just have to call your parents and tell them the language that you've been using around here. I dought if they hear that kind of language at home. I dought it very much."

Nelly turns back to Jenny. "And for you young lady. I think a sound spanking is in order."

Nelly bends and picks up one of her daughters slippers. Sitting down on a chair, she points the slipper to her knee. "Over my knee young lady."

Jenny looks at her two friends, sitting on the bed. Turning back to her mother. "No. I'm to old for this."

Jenny has put her hand over her backside, palm out, "Young lady, either you get over my knee now, or when your father gets home, I'll have him use his razor strap on you."

Jenny slowing walks over to her mother, she sniffling. Her eyes keep going from the slipper in her mothers hand, then to her two friends, who have stood up off the bed, then back to the slipper.

She reluctantly lays over her mothers knee. She knows that if her father uses his razor strap on her, than her ass will be blistered, rather than just sore from her mothers spanking.

While Jenny is still sniffling, her mother raises the back of Jenny's dress and pulls down her panties, baring her backside. Her hand shoots over her backside. Nelly grabs her by the wrist and mover it to one side. Then.

Slap. "Waaaahh." Slap. "Waaaahh. Oh mummy, please stop this. it hurts so." Slap. "Waaaahh." Slap. "Waaaahh."

As Jenny gets her backside tanned, her two friends stand there mouths agape. Watching the show, no really believing that they are watching what they are seeing. Jenny getting spanked by her mother.

Jenny is crying now. She has completely forgotten about Sharon and Cathy watching her spanking. The pain is just too much for her to think straight.

"Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."

Slap. "Waaaahh" Slap. "Waaaahh" Slap. "Waaaahh"

While still spanking Jenny, Nelly looks up at Sharon and Cathy. "I suggest the two of you go home, that is unless you want to get what Jenny's getting."

The two young ladies then leave, in a hurry. As they run down the hallway, they hear Nelly yell after them. "I'm calling both your mothers and hopefully they'll see to you foul language."

Slap. "Waaaahh" Slap. "Waaaahh" Slap. "Waaaahh"

Once Nelly was through spanking her daughters large backside, she let her up and took her into the bathroom, washing her mouth out. Then Nelly did call both Sharon and Cathy's mothers, telling them about their foul language and what they watch on the television.

The next day, when Jenny, Sharon and Cathy met at Cathy's house, they talked about what happened at Jenny's. They even compared the rosy red backsides that each girl had. But not before they made sure that Cathy's mother and father weren't at home. They definitely didn't want another session over there mothers knee.

At their ages, once was enough. But one thing they did start to make plans for, that was how they where going to get even with Jenny's mother for tattling on them and getting them each spanked. Jenny had told them that she once spied on her mother and father, when she heard her mother getting that razor strap, that she had mention her father using, used on her mothers backside.

So they would get Nelly beaten and get video of it. They hatched their plans, swearing to each other to not only do it, but keep in all a secret between themselves.

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