Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Co-Ed Confedential - (2007-????)

This is silent extract from a television show. It's title is Co-Ed Confedential. It appears on Cinemax which, for those not in the US who may not be familiar, is a pay movie network (like HBO) that is well known for showing plenty of soft core porn after 10 PM and so hence the nickname Skinemax.

After several attempts, the dean of students shuts down Omega House the party heartiest fraternity on campus but his best laid plans go for naught at the start of the next semester when the need for overflow housing turns the former fraternity house into a coed residence for five freshmen under the supervision of a graduate student named Ophelia and her sometimes boyfriend, James, the former president of and leader of the party at Omega.

This erotic take on the 1978 classic feature, National Lampoon's Animal House, is the latest entry into Cinemax after Dark.
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