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Caged Heat (1974)


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Caged Heat is yet another gem from the Roger Corman camp, in the tradition of The Big Bird Cage, The Big Doll House, Women in Cages, etc. Films that make up for zero budget and even less thespian prowess with an abundance of pointless and exploitative nudity and, occasionally, a script that is surprisingly clever and effective.

The US drive-in audience's taste for renegade women has thrown up some pretty bizarre movies, but few more distinctive than Demme's directorial debut. Having previously scripted The Hot Box and Black Mama, White Mama, but this effort won him, and continues to win him, praise as one of the best of those female prisoners action strands that were a popular exploitation feature of the seventies. He won the academy award for his direction of
The Silence of the Lambs, seventeen years after Caged Heat.

Written and Directed by Jonathan Demme, Caged Heat is the granddaddy of all 'WIP' women in prison films. It may be old news, but It has never been done quite like this. It's tough to describe why Caged Heat is more of the same, but oh so different at the same time, but it is. It's partly due to the writing, partly due to Demme's casting choices, and partly due to his talented direction, even back then his style was evident.

Caged Heat does start out as a bare-knuckled women's prison pic and turns into a girl gang rampage, by way of a lot of witty feminist. It ends in a shoot everything that moves/revenge prison escape.

Caged Heat has everything we've come to expect in a good women in prison flick, except it did it first.
  • New prisoners forced to strip for medical examinations, while creepy doctor relishes in pulling on a thick latex glove.
  • Shower Scenes.
  • More boobs in more shower scenes than I can keep track of.
  • Nude solitary confinement.
  • Insane Warden
  • Insane Doctor
  • Torture
  • Soaped-up and down and dirty cat fight on shower floor
  • Grueling extended sequence of electro shock-therapy.
  • Doctor drugs young woman, takes off her clothes, then fawns over her while taking pictures and kissing her.
  • Shootouts.
  • Innocent Inmates.
  • Many Nude Scenes.

Considered the quintessential 'girls in prison' flick of the 1970s, novice director Jonathan Demme's. Caged Heat is set in a hellish American woman's penitentiary run by vicious, wheelchair-bound superintendent McQueen (Barbara Steele). Statuesque convict Jacqueline Wilson (Erica Gavin) is forced to undergo horrible (but legal) tortures when she is falsely accused of trying to escape.

Gavin and fellow con Maggie (
Juanita Brown) decide to make a real break, but return to prison to rescue a friend who is about to be lobotomized by the sadistic prison doctor. Then they stage a robbery, only to find a group of male robbers at the bank ahead of them. A final shootout in the prison yards brings the film to a bloody climax. Other actress's to look for are: Belle Tyson (Roberta Collins), Pandora (Ella Reid), Lavelle (Cheryl Smith) as Rainbeaux Smith, Dream Guard (Ginna Martine), Hazel (Irene Stokes), Rosemary (Cynthia Songé) as Cynthia Songey, Debbie (Desiree Cousteau) as as Deborah Clearbranch and many many more.

Caged Heat was also released under the titles.

  • 5 femmes à abattre - France
  • Cárcel Caliente, La - Spain
  • Caged Females (Undefined)
  • Caged Heat - Das Zuchthaus Der Verlorenen Mädchen - West Germany
  • Celas Em Chamas - Brazil
  • Confissões Íntimas De Um Presídio Feminino - Brazil
  • Femmine In Gabbia - Italy
  • Goraca Klatka - Poland
  • Gynaikes Piso Apo Ta Sidera - Greece
  • Naarashäkki - Finland
  • Pako Connevillen Naisvankilasta - Finland (Video Title)
  • Renegade Girls (Undefined)
  • Uwieziona Pasja - Poland
  • Wiezienna Goraczka - Poland


Kimmie said...

Oh My Goodness! You just brought back some memories. I used to work in a video store when I was...well we will just say younger...and I came across this and rented it. was a very unique movie, that's for sure. I'm still not honestly sure what I think of it but I'm glad I at least watched it. Anyhow, thanks for posting this. :)

Dave said...

Great post -- Chicks in Jail movies rock! What do you think of the Bars 'n' Stripes spanking site? which I believe is solely prison spanking scenarios...