Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Movie Scenario Tuesday: Wagon Train - The Maggie Hamilton Story

Season 3, Episode 26: The Maggie Hamilton Story - Air Date: April/06/1960

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Leonard Nimoy (
Cherokee Ned) and Susan Oliver (Maggie Hamilton) where both in the original Star Trek pilot. Nimoy played Spock and Oliver played Vina.

Maggie Hamilton has run away from the wagon train. She has what we would now call "issues" with such a primitive lifestyle. But more to the point she is a spoiled child who needs parents who will take her in hand. She is what most people would call a spoiled child. And she's not obedient to parental supervision. They have not raised her with the proper controls being used. A good spanking when needed. Her mother and father are frantic for someone to go out and find their daughter.

The Major sends McCullough out to find her and haul her back before she can get into any trouble, or worse, getting herself killed. Maggie leaves a piece of petticoat as a marker for what she assumes will be someone from the train. But instead she is captured by some bad hombres. They have completely different ideas of what is to become of her. Then she or anyone back at the train has about her well being. They plan to use her for their own ends.

McCullough comes across their camp, tussles with the bad guys, rescuing the girl. You know, a Flint day at the office. And what does the ungrateful Maggie do? She steals his horse and rides off, leaving him. She seems to want to cause as much trouble as her little head can conceive of. No matter who it hurts. Even her beloved parents, who only had her best interests at heart.

Once he catches up with her the fun starts. A war of wills between the petulant Margaret Hamilton and the implacable Flint McCullough. That night, on the way back to the wagon train, she pulls his own gun on him. He of course knowing that she might try just that, has taken all the bullets out of his six shooter.

When she tries to shoot him with his own gun. Flint decides to take things into his own hands, figuratively and in reality, and does what her father should have done to her a very long time ago. As a very young child when she started to pull her disobedient behavior. He ends up turning this lovely lass over his knee, lifting up the back of her dress and administering a very sound spanking upon the posterior of Maggie's petticoats. Something that she does not like in the least. Once done with the spanking he gives her a loving hug and she's quite obedient from then on. Knowing that she is loved, for someone finally showed her that they did care for her by giving her the spanking that she had needed all along.

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Anonymous said...

This is my all-time favorite mainstream spanking scene. The first time I saw it I could not believe my eyes because it seemed to me that Susan Oliver was receiving a real, honest-to-goodness spanking. I especially love the part where Bob Horton lifts her skirt and petticoat. Is it possible to post larger pictures of the scene? If you can they would be most appreciated. Thanks for all your good work, they provide spankos like me with tremendous pleasure.