Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sunbathing In Nude Gets Her Spanked

Barbara Bankers is an 19 year old woman. Who follows all the rules and does as she is told. That is until she's away on vacation, alone. With no one to see or hear about what she's up to.

Barbara leaves her bungalow. She walks along the beach and finds a very secluded spot. She lays out her beach town and strips out of her bikini. She's never done this before, as can be seen by the fact she's what is know as a cotton tail. She has a very distinct tan line. Most of her body is tanned every so nice. But her tail and pubic area is lilly white.

She lays down on the town and within 10 minutes a police car pulls up and out steps two very large and beefy police women. They walk over to Barbara. "Just what do you think your doing young lady?"

Barbara looks up at them. She doesn't cover up or anything. Just lies there. "I'm trying to get a tan. And you're in my sun."

One of the police women beds over and grabs her by the arm and the back of the hair. "Let me go. What are you doing. You can't do this."

The other police woman puts on a special leather wrist restraints. "Oh, but we can. This beach isn't a nudie beach. Your breaking the law and we're going to arrest you."

She starts to struggle. "Let go of me this second. "

The police woman who first picked her up starts to manhandle her up to their police car. The other police woman picks up all of Barbara's things. Barbara is put into the back of the police cruiser. "Let me get dressed. You can't do this."

Off they go. It takes only a few minutes to get Barbara to the police station. She is then taken out of the cruiser and into the station, across the lobby and down a hall. Into a cell. As she is being pulled across the parking lot and through the police stations lobby, a number of different men are starring at her. As she is walking she complains mightily. "Give me my cloths. They're starring at me. I'm nude."

Half way across the police station lobby the police woman pulling her swats her on the ass. Once. Swat. "OOOOOO. No Let me go. I want a lawyer."

Once she is in the cell she is still nude. "Get me my cloths. I want a lawyer."

The woman police officer leaves and about ten minutes latter a man dressed in a suite is let into her cell. She's sitting on her bunk. When he enters, she bends over to try and cover up her nudiie. "I'm Jared, I'm your lawyer."

She looks at him. "Please help me? I need my cloths."

"I'm sorry, but your to remain naked until you see a judge."

She starts to cry. "What are they going to do to me?"

"You'll be seeing a judge in a few hours. The punishment for public nudity in this country is 6 months on the work farm."

Barbara takes in a deep breath. "6 months. No. I'd die. Isn't there anything that can be worked out? I'll do anything to be let free. Anything."

Jared stands up. "I'll see what I can work out with the arresting officers."

Jared goes over to the cell door and bangs on it. It opens and he leaves. The male guard looks right at her. He smiles. She can see he's got an erection under his pants. About 30 minutes later Jared returns. "Margo, the arresting officer says that if you take a spanking from her boyfriend, she'll drop the charges and you're free."

Barbara starts to cry. "Oh my. What hell is this?"

"It's either that or the 6 months and I can guarantee you that since you where caught red handed, so to speak, you will be found guilty. This isn't like an American Justice System. They don't play games. As your lawyer I can try to argue the facts. But you know as well as I do that you did it and they saw you doing it. The judge will find you guilty."

"Oh god. Yes I will."

Jared stands up and leaves. After 30 minutes the male guard returns and enters her cell. "I'm the one who's going to spank you. Now stand up and we'll go the the punishment room."

Barbara stands up, she is trying to cover herself up as much as possible. She is taken down the hall to a bigger room. In this room is a chair facing one way and 12 chairs facing the other way. Barbara is taken over to the single chair and the guard puts some leather ankle restraints on her ankles. Once she is restrained a half dozen people enter the room. He lawyer is one of them. "What are they for?"

The guard seats himself. "There the witnesses to make sure you are only spanked. Now over my knee."

Barbara has started to sniffle. Not cry yet. She lays over his knee, still buck naked, except for the wrist and ankle restraints.

Once over his knee, the police woman who arrested her stands up and gives the guard a paddle. The woman then rubs her fingers across Barbara's ass. "Noooooo, Please don't do this."

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch. Oh god. Please not so hard. It hurts."

The guard stops for a moment. "It's supposed to hurt. That's the point."

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

As her lilly white backside is beaten it turns from the lilly white it is to pink and finally cherry red. The pain is quite intense and Barbara is soon bawling like a child.

"Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."

Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch." Crack. "Yeeeeeeowch."

The beating is more than Barbara has every had to endure. Even when she was spanked as a child it wasn't that intense. The spanking is finally over and Barbara is taken back to her cell and allowed to dress. She is given her stuff and let go. Once back at her hotel she packs and is out of that country like a shoot.

Barbara had intended to get her cotton tail tanned, well that's exactly what she got. Of course it wasn't a sun tan, but another type of tan.

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