Friday, September 14, 2007

Movie Friday - Looking For The Silver Lining

This musical biopic chronicles the vaudeville-to-Broadway story of 1920s' star Marilyn Miller (June Haver). From her start on the boards in Finley, Ohio, Marilyn sings and dances her way to Broadway stardom, frequently in company with her mentor, dancer Jack Donahue (Ray Bolger). For a complete biography of Marilyn Miller go to Wikipedia.

The one spanking in this movie is representative of the years of beatings that Marilyn Miller got at the hands on her husbands. The Hayes Office (Think Censorship Office), wouldn't have allowed the movie company to show her getting beaten. But a spanking was quite acceptable to them. It shows you where their heads where at.

In the movie Looking For The Silver Lining, Marilyn Miller (June Haver) is put over the knee of her husband Frank Carter (Gordon MacRae.) She is given the spanking because she won't talk on the telephone to Florenz Ziegfeld. Who isn't even mentioned in the cast credits at IMDB.

Frank Carter and Marilyn Miller are having an argument about her talent. They are in the bedroom. He wants her to call Florenz Zigfeld about appearing in one of his Broadway plays. She doesn't want to. Marilyn is mad about Franks ribbing of her talent, at not being able to play a clerk, and takes a swing at him and he grabs her and tells her that if she wants to play rough, then so does he. Frank pulls Marilyn over to a chair and sits down. Turning her over his knee as he does.

He lifts the back of her dress and pulls down her panties. Bare ass sticking out. She is protesting profusely. But he isn't paying any attention to her protests. He's intent on giving his wife a well needed spanking. On a table next to the chair is her old wooden hair brush. He picks it up. She sees it and screams for him to not perform this indignity on her. Marilyn tries to get up, but can't. His left arm has her firmly positioned over his knee and he's not about to let her stand.

Frank raises the hairbrush into the air and brings it down on her backside for the first time. She arcs her back and lets out a very loud scream for him to stop immediately. He doesn't. He continues to tan her ass 15 more times with the hairbrush. Her backside is turning a faint red color. She is crying and very much wishes for him to stop.

After the 16 th swat. The maid enters and apologizes for interrupting them. She says that Florenz Zigfeld is on the telephone and he wants to know if Marilyn will come and see him in the morning. Marilyn says no. Frank gives her 6 more swats with the brush. These six are much harder than the previous 16. Frank asks her what her answer is again. She turns to face the maid the best she can and tells the maid to tell Zigfeld to come over in the morning and bring Jerome Kern.

The maid then leaves and Frank lets Marilyn up. She falls on the bed and cries.

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