Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sorority Initiant

Constance was eager to join her mothers University sorority. She was a straight A student and was told it was very hard to get into, very secretive and a very select sorority. Was she overjoyed when she got selected. One thing that she didn't know and her mother didn't tell her was that this particular sorority was secret because they where a BDSM sorority. Most sorority's went by Greek names Mu Gamma Ki, whatever. This sorority was know only as BDSM house.

All the girls and their boyfriends had to sign the pledge elegance. Stipulating that they accept the rules. The boyfriends also had to sign a paper saying that they themselves would spank the sorority sister when they thought it was necessary. You truly had to be a die-hard spanko to even get nominated into the BDSM sorority.

Every girl who made it in was subject to spankings when needed. There was a house mother and a house father who administered spankings and the girls themselves gave spanking when they thought it was needed. The last thing that you had to do at pledge week was on the final day you had to lay across a spanking horse naked all day. Anyone who came into the sorority got to swat your ass with the sorority paddle. The spanking horse was put into the main entrance way of the sorority house.

On the appointed day Constance appeared in the lobby of the sorority house and removed all her cloths, except for her socks. There was some University rule that stipulated if any student was found to be in public naked they would be expelled. So the sorority always had their girls wear the same white socks. Technically they weren't ever naked. In this way they won and the University lost the battle of morality,

Well any way's Constance got up on the spanking horse almost naked and she was left there for 12 hours. Every time someone entered the building, man or woman they got to swat Constance with the sorority paddle. Constance at first only clenched her teeth when getting swatted. As the day wore on she starked to say ouch each times and as her backside got sorer and sorer she started to cry when hit. But she made it all the way through the day. She did find that a lot of people seemed to come to the sorority on business that day. People you wouldn't expect.

But Constance was accepted into the BDSM sorority as a full sorority sister. Of course her spankings didn't stop their. The house father was constantly in use to spank one girl or another girl. And Constance was no exception. The girls ages of the sorority ran from 16 to 47 and their was 16 of them in residence.

Even the older girls who had graduated got spanked if they came for a visit with their daughters etc. As Constance became a senior girls she would occasionally give a spanking to the younger girls. On one occasion she even got to spank her own mother for breaking some rule. She was quite brutal to her. She hadn't told Constance about the inner workings of the BDSM sorority before she applied, so she really tore her mother's ass up good when the spanking was administered.

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