Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cookie Bumstead Gets Spanked

For the past 2 years Dagwood and Blondie Bumstead had been having nothing but trouble with Cookie. Ever since they bought that sports car for her sweet sixteenth birthday. She drive all over town ,like she was driving in the Baha 1000 race. She had gotten at least 10 tickets in 2 years.

Well this time when Dagwood's best friend officer Muldoon brought home Cookie for speeding again. Officer Muldoon was the son of his co-worker at the architects firm her worked at. Dagwood told him he could take away her drivers licence or take her pants down.

Officer Muldoon being a bit on the kinky side, decided to take her pants down. And Cookie was glad for it. She didn't know what she'd do without her drivers licence. Boy was she wrong about the choice. Officer Muldoon turned Cookie over his knee and lifted the back of her dress. He patted her backside, then did something that Cookie just didn't expect or want. He pulled down her panties as well. There she was over a man she knows knee and her bare ass sticking out. She blushed, all over. Including her backside cheeks.

At this point in walks Blondie Bumstead. Cookie's mother. She wanted to know what was going on. Since Dagwood had stepped into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich he had been gone for a while., officer Muldoon told her the entire story.

Blondie told Officer Muldoon not to dare spank Cookie yet. Boy was cookie glad, glad that is until she realized her mother was only stopping the spanking until she got out her hairbrush from her purse. She then handed it to the young officer. Cookie struggled and begged not to be spanked with the brush. He could use his hand. That she liked, but not that hair bush.

Officer Muldoon didn't listen, he raised the brush up over his head and brought it down the a rapport that could be heard throughout the house. Cookie screamed. She was beginning to cry. At this point Dagwood comes in with his sandwich and sits down to watch the show. He gives half the sandwich to Blondie. Also Alexander, cookie's brother comes in with two of his friends. The five of them sit there watching poor Cookie get 15 swats on her very white and ever sorer bottom.

As it turns out Officer Muldoon knew Alexander and his two friends they had all gone to school together. As for Cookie she got the spanking of her young life. The first of many, as Officer Muldoon eventually married her and she found out that her father wasn't the only one who could authorize spankings. Officer Muldoon also authorized himself to spank his wife Cookie whenever she needed it.

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